Kate Middleton has a new title, her soccer skills have overwhelmed her teammates, Harry has been replaced, and the future queen looks attractive

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When they announced their retirement from the royal family, Prince Harry and The Duchess of Sussex had hoped the royal family would grant their request to remain royal patrons even if they lived in the US, but their dream request was rejected by the Queen.Harry thinks he is very important, but he really thinks too much of himself.The Duchess of Cambridge took over from Prince Harry at Twickenham stadium last week in her new role as patron of the Rugby Football Union (RFU).Mike Tindall’s assessment of Kate’s rugby skills follows initial concerns about her suitability as a female patron of the Rugby Union.On the field, Kate met players from the men’s and women’s teams and even joined a special skills session run by England head coach Eddie Jones.Former England rugby player Mike, who is married to William’s cousin Zara Tindall, described the Duchess’s performance as “effortless”.”She’s really good, and she’s really good at it,” he said. “She has a competitive nature and athleticism.””She looks incredibly natural,” said co-host Alex Payne.Presenter James Haskell added: “It was great when she was announced as a royal patron because we know she obviously loves the game of rugby.The way she catches the ball, the way she jumps into the line, the little outdoor break, she’s amazing, she’s really, really, really good.I think she’s an incredible ambassador.”The Duchess met players, referees and coaches from the men’s and women’s teams.She was greeted by England men’s forward Courtney Laws and England women’s captain Sarah Hunt.Players cheered the future queen as she caught the ball after being lifted over her head during a play.Kate is known for her love of sport and competitive nature.Kate said she was “very proud” to be a royal patron of the RFU when she tried out her rugby skills.The Duchess takes over her former role as duke of Sussex after being given this new title by the Queen.She is the first member of the royal family to officially replace Sussex as a patron of the royal family.Harry, it seems, is not as important to the royal family as he thought.Then Meghan Markle is nothing.