Open in the home of the private soup powder, delicious to the threshold of longyan people trampled rotten

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Hidden in the first row of residents can go to eat 4 times a day in the first floor of the home with the traditional taste of comfort around the stomach of many customers do not know how many open in the first floor of the home of the private soup powder, fire!Recently has always been a friend of amway visitor a clear soup powder, with authentic flavor, harvest a batch of and a batch of foodies have to clock in, wife of shop-owner is giving a native, said with a super authentic longyan dialect ta home no store, but can’t eat outside, rushing to the wife of shop-owner, in the home location is near the market primary school, not too hard to find,But it is also hidden in the residential building, the diameter of the door is the boss reception hall, the TV broadcast of the 2022 Spring Festival Gala, really like visiting an acquaintance’s home.Just stand outside the kitchen and shout,Aunt, come to a bowl of clear soup powder add marinated egg ~ PART 02 didn’t have a lot of things, a bowl of clear soup powder/face enough to bacon in clear soup powder is the pride of longyan clear soup, that surely make longyan people proud of is the super bowl authentic bacon powder in clear soup broth is shiny white to big bone soup, to join the skin after little shrimp, market, mushrooms and other ingredients,Taste very sweet, pure 1 ta scallion but the soul of the home, from longyan local worship extract, refined is the essence of green Chinese onion, violently with a spoon, this just is perfect ~ Q of the skin, absorbs the full soup, tender of lean meat and expectations, powder is soft sweet chewiness, XiLiu a gulp of water, is very good,After midnight snack depends on it to add a little brine large intestine, brine bean curd, brine egg, give yourself a luxurious clear soup powder!Beef soup powder like to eat beef friends can suggest to a beef soup powder, because each beef is freshly cooked, taste fresh and smooth, but also with a bit of chewy, slowly chewed, you can taste the unique meat flavor of beef, this taste does not mention how cool!The vermicron with dense heat enters smoothly, with the unique meat fragrance of beef leaving no power to spare. When you feel the smooth taste of the strong way, you can also taste its penetrating lean meat skin clear soup noodles. For foodie babies with bad stomach, you don’t eat powder, order a lean meat skin clear soup noodles is also a good choice!Seemingly clear soup base, in the moment of entrance there is a thick feeling, nutrition and warm stomach, alkali noodles taste slightly muscular, full of fragrance, eat a bowl at noon, immediately feel full of power!All kinds of brine is also very good brine large intestine, fat and juicy, fragrance overflow, after a variety of spices brine cooking, the smell of large intestine long gone, the rest in addition to fragrance or fragrance!It is highly recommended. Although the appearance is not amazing, the skin is oily and the inside is really soft and tender, but the taste is really good