Video | a 64-year-old security guard jumps into a glacier to save people

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Yangzi Evening News network On February 18, (correspondent Xuan Zhang Zhifei Yu reporter Chen Yong) in recent days, an unnamed man rescued the drowning old woman video hot spread in Yangzhou circle of friends.In winter, save the man naked, from the river to save the drowning people back to the shore, we praise the man’s behavior.Zhang Xiaoding, a warm-spirited citizen who saved his life without leaving his name, appeared at a ceremony held by the Yangzhou and Guangling District Voluntary felon-fighting foundation in Wulimiao police station of Guangling Public Security Bureau on April 18.The reporter learned that Zhang Xiaoding is 64 years old and works as a security guard in a cultural travel unit in Yangzhou.The rescue took place at noon on The 13th.Said that jumping into the river to save people, Zhang Xiaoding said, at that time the situation was urgent, his heart is to save people, to save people up, drowning without danger, he felt a sense of achievement.”At about 12 o ‘clock last Sunday, I was walking when I heard someone calling for help on the south side of the community. When I arrived at the scene, I found someone had fallen into the river.”Zhang recalled that he did not have time to think, quickly took off his coat, jumped into the water, struggling to pull the drowning man from the middle of the river back to the shore.Then, the passers-by on the bank of the joint efforts to pull the drowning from the river downhill to the bank.”I didn’t have time to think much before saving people. I just thought that people only have one life, and if they lose it, they will lose it.Besides, I could see that people in the water were sinking. It was too late to save them.”Zhang told reporters that when he went into the water, the water was freezing and he was shaking all over with cold, but thinking that she was going to die, his cold point was nothing. “I quickly swam to her side, grabbed her and took her to swim to the shore.She must have been cold and scared, saying, “Help me, I don’t want to die.”At that time, I did not care about the cold, and tried to save people with all my strength.”The reporter learned that after the woman who fell into the water was rescued, Mr. Zhang went straight to the bathroom and laughed off questions about his name and where he worked.’It’s not who you are that matters,’ Mr. Zhang said.It is reported that due to catching a cold, Lao Zhang did not enjoy food and tea for several days, but he has recovered in the past two days.At the ceremony, the good Samaritanship foundation of Yangzhou city and Guangling District awarded Zhang Xiaoding, in recognition of his critical moment to lend a helping hand and successfully save the lives of drowning people.Wu Wei, director of the Office of the Good Samaras Foundation, said that Zhang’s heroic saving behavior is worth learning from, and everyone should work together to promote social integrity, so that a city’s economic and social development, peace and legal construction level can be continuously improved.Proofreading Xu Hang