A hoe is a rice man

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The barren mountain village has little land to cultivate, the only land has been mined to the waist of the mountain, speaking of land, even dozens of centimeters of poor soil floating on the rock, every year, I dare not talk about harvest, because harvest depends not on mood, but luck.The people of this land have already sold their lives to “luck”.When I was young, one thing that impressed me most was insect infestation.Leading to the hillside of the loess road, densely crawling bean worm, bean worm?It’s a good dish now, but back then, it was so ghoulish, you wouldn’t want to eat it.For the old farmers in the land, this is undoubtedly a disaster.It was a holiday, I ran behind my parents every day, they pulled a cart, the car bucket filled with water, every trip to the field to medicine crops.Behind them, I was trotting along, and below us, a crowd of passing beanworms, unrestrained by traffic lights.Those insects were crushed by the cart, the bean-smell permeated the whole field, no one paid attention to, passing people also did not greet, in addition to the deep wrinkles on each face, and a sigh, this mountainous field is covered with sadness.It is the nature of my parents to regard the land as their destiny.There is a sense of security, down-to-earth, touch feet in the local farmers.The land is the farmer’s life, rain or shine.This is the story of their lives.It is also the richest picture left to barren mountain villages.The decaying of land heat has become a fashion in the new century.Many people regard eating food in the land as the most inefficient way, suffering from death or living, only 1,000 yuan per crop income, not as high as half a month’s wages outside work.So, barren land, began to no one, a few years ago that hot scene, is never see.In the wind, only the wild long grass, low seedlings, and the howl of grief.People who go out to work may also be sorry, so they put their land “sustenance” to relatives and friends for planting, harvest free, just want to make their land a little popular.This approach is more or less “humane”, we say that the land is emotional, our country is also an agricultural country, our modernization is also from the countryside, every inch of land nourishes modern people, forget the land, is tantamount to betrayal.Our childhood is the most willing to go to the field, sitting in the field, under the shade of a tree, watching the parents working in the field, and all kinds of insects fly over, counting the ants on the ground, a look is half a day, playing in the field, get much more fun than playing mobile phone watching TV.A man is never young again.Even if you go back to the countryside now, there is no such scene to blend in with.In the face of efficiency and profit, happiness has become unimportant.