Can online dubbing training really make a lot of money?

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“Good afternoon, you can have a look at the teacher’s student. Because his salary is not high, he wants to develop a side business to increase his income. After work, he uses his spare time to pick up dubbing sheets for income.”We can look at the trainees, during the Spring Festival received some wedding video recording, income is very considerable.Today is the last day of the countdown to the event, give yourself a chance to learn and change, sign up to lucky draw: iPhone13, free order, cash red envelope, earphones, quick add teacher friends to consult the year of the Tiger activities.”…In recent years, with the rise of audiobooks and short videos, recording audiobooks and dubbing have also attracted the public’s attention. Seeing the business opportunities, some training institutions have vigorously carried out relevant training.However, some training institutions for profit, excessive marketing, false publicity, induced consumption and other behaviors, serious infringement on the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.The State Administration for Market Regulation investigated the phenomenon in the first half of last year, and a number of well-known training institutions were severely punished for false publicity, false original prices and false discounts.What kind of “pit” does this kind of training institution have after all?How to regulate?With these questions in mind, reporters of The Rule of Law Daily recently conducted an in-depth investigation.So-called hundred jobs pay tuition will suddenly turn hostile “7 PM to 9 PM tonight, specially invited teachers, she is a TV host, provincial level putonghua tester, graduated from communication university of China broadcasting system, performance at the Beijing film academy after dubbing class education, won the China international cartoon festival the most popularity in making competition……”On January 26 this year, the reporter experienced a free audio book dubbing course of some educational institutions on the Internet.Before the class, the teaching assistant teacher sent the information of the lecturer and the lecture link, and emphasized that this link was exclusive, so there was no replay.In fact, the reporter will be the “exclusive link” forward, other people can also log in to watch.At the beginning of the class, Lu did not introduce professional knowledge, but rather described the bright future of dubbing industry:”Audiobooks, short videos, wedding hosts and so on, there is a huge shortage of people in this industry. Anyone who can get an order can make money. We work with over 180 part-time and sideline platforms, and you can get 100% employment by choosing our courses.”After that, Lu skillfully changed all kinds of tone and voice lines, dubbing for the students to display.After talking about the tips of how to make a sound for more than ten minutes, he began to show successful student cases — “The student took orders at home during the holidays and earned more than 5,000 yuan in half a month, and the orders were too much to accept.” “The senior student took advantage of her spare time to learn and take orders, and now her monthly income is more than 10,000 yuan…”At the end of the course, Lu reminded the teacher, only sign up now, can enjoy the price of lu teacher employment class, but also send the value of 7320 yuan of quality lessons;Studio class original price 7660 yuan exclusive price 4580 yuan, high class original price 8160 yuan exclusive price 4980 yuan, all-round class original price 10840 yuan exclusive price 5580 yuan, 3 months to learn, only the first 15 contact customer service personnel.More than 50 minutes of the 90-minute live class were spent using various “talking tricks” to entice students to buy the class.Not only that, the reporter also watched the live classes of three different training institutions at the same time in the evening, and found that except for the different PPT pictures, the teaching content and process were almost the same, and even the successful students were the same at the end.On the relevant complaint platform, the reporter saw a lot of consumers complain that after spending high training fees, many classes on the original schedule of live classes are reduced to video classes, in a few live classes, students can not interact with the teacher lianmai, let alone the promised one-to-one teaching.After class, the teacher would only leave some tongue twisters and putonghua pronunciation training, and feedback on the training of students was very late. “The attitude towards me before and after paying the tuition was completely different”.The reporter’s investigation found that the teachers of some training institutions were suspected of “excessive packaging”. The institutions advertised the teachers as “Central TV dubbing artists”, but in fact they only dubbed several advertisements on an App.Some teachers were advertised as having won the most popular award in a voice actor competition, but the reporter could not find them after going through the list of previous winners.The personage inside course of study tells a reporter, many of the “gold medal teacher” of training orgnaization, in fact only broadcast host professional is reading college student, the content that teaches on class basically is broadcast learn teaching material, so just can appear many training orgnaization course content is completely consistent situation.It’s not just about teachers and teaching, it’s also about tuition fees.In the advertisement on the net, often can see 0 yuan, 1 yuan zero basic learning dubbing propaganda.The reporter randomly clicked on one of the advertising links, and after filling in his personal information, a teacher added the reporter’s social account and learned the materials.Reporters opened after the discovery is a 45-minute audition class.It takes three to six months to complete the course, with tuition ranging from 7,000 to 10,000 yuan, a staff member from the institute told reporters.”Didn’t the advertisement say you can learn it for 0 yuan?””The reporter asked.The other party replied: 0 yuan admission is not free, but we can provide installment loan service, tuition can be paid in installments of up to 18 months, “0 yuan admission is through the way of installment loan admission, and then pay several hundred yuan tuition every month”.Recommend students with net loan declared unconditional refund “now 3 courses total only about 5000 yuan, before all 9000 yuan, immediately sign up for a discount of 1000 yuan, give a sound card, first come, first served.”At the teacher’s recommendation, Lin, from Chengdu, Sichuan Province, added the contact information of the teacher and applied for a loan to pay for his tuition after hearing that he could pay in installments and was guaranteed a refund within 14 days without fees or interest if he was not satisfied.After listening to the course for three days, Xiao Lin was not satisfied with the course content and arrangement, so he contacted the other party to apply for a refund, but the other party kept evading him, and repeatedly persuaded him that it would be good for him to finish the course and be helpful for his future.Xiao Lin found the lending party platform customer service consulting that the refund can only be applied for by training institutions.Xiao Lin looked for training institutions, the other party replied that students can only apply for 3 times of refund, has not passed 3 times, the sum of money can not be returned.At present, Xiao Lin can only pay back the installment loan of more than 500 yuan each month, while protecting his rights.The reporter found in the investigation, in order to make people more “confident” enrollment, many training institutions will take the initiative to refer to the “education loan”, and declared that this kind of loan has no interest and handling fees, and can be within a certain time or unconditional refund at any time.The reporter clicked the loan application link sent by one of the customer service found that although the interest in the loan agreement is not high, it is not interest-free, and it needs to pay a certain proportion of the handling fee.After seeing the reporter did not pay, the other party said that the preferential link only two hours, expired.Two days later, the customer sent a screenshot saying that the last application had been invalid, and if you want to borrow money, you can still apply.It is worth noting that the reporter encountered some training institutions to help students handle loans will remind, occupation to choose enterprise personnel, education must fill in junior college or undergraduate, monthly salary fill in more than 10,000 yuan, so fast and high loan.It is understood that there are a number of minors on the back of the net loan.In addition, a number of students told reporters that after learning, training institutions did not introduce job opportunities and part-time channels as promised at the beginning, but quickly disbanded the student group.And part of the training institutions strongly recommended novice part-time orders website, often need students to pay for many times after the opportunity to audition orders, even if the income is very little, far lower than the cost of the commitment of the training institutions.The reporter’s investigation revealed that in order to achieve the publicity effect of training institutions, it is necessary to enter the larger audio production platform in the market, and these platforms often have a strict review mechanism: professional equipment recording is required, and mobile phone recording is not accepted;Bachelor degree in broadcasting, hosting, dubbing or related, or at least 1 year experience in broadcasting, commercial distribution;Have simple post-production ability, basic editing and so on.Dubbing industry insiders told reporters that although there are more and more dubbing jobs on the Internet now, it is not without threshold. Most of the real voice practitioners are professional professionals who have a good voice foundation and have accumulated training for a long time, while most of the income of dubbing actors is not high.The so-called 1,000 yuan per hour of some dubbing training institutions, relying on part-time jobs can easily earn more than 10,000 yuan a month, is not realistic.There are industry insiders revealed that some agencies to promote the package, in fact, is to package themselves as party A, find some cheap copyright books, with a lower price to buy students time to record books, 10 hours of dry sound is not much money, and students in front of the class fees can fully cover the cost.In the opinion of experts interviewed by reporters, these training institutions have a variety of illegal situations.Associate professor of law school of China university of political science and law in civil and commercial economic xiao-juan zhu believes that voice training to professional training, training institutions should first acquire the license of the relevant qualifications and education departments and the basis of the basic condition for training to carry out the training work, accordingly, teachers should also conform to the requirements of the teachers’ qualifications and record of formal schooling, etc, in order to ensure a professional training required to achieve the purpose of,Many training institutions and their teachers clearly do not meet this requirement.Advertising for some training institutions that exist in the “learning” $0, the employment commitment, ying and law firm lawyers horpe told reporters in Beijing, according to the relevant provisions of the advertisement law in our country, the content of the advertisement content must not contain any false or misleading, may not cheat and mislead consumers, similar to “prompt zero dollars for” “price 99 yuan,Buy class to send sound card “if these relevant class did not trade in accordance with the price of publicity, then suspected price fraud.”Education, training, advertising must not contain any express or implied to the effect of the education, training, commitment to ensure that sexual content, also must not contain any use scientific research units, academic institutions, education agencies, industry associations, professional recommendations, prove, in the name of the beneficiary, or image, from the point of these rules, the training education institutions do not conform to the requirements.”Tang Yushui.”Online contracts bring a lot of inconvenience to the settlement of disputes in the later stage.Students advocate cancellation, termination of the training contract, refund, often only through the phone again and again with customer service communication, and many training institutions on the complaints of students are unable to do timely reply and processing.In addition, some students consider that the cost of protecting their legitimate rights and interests through litigation, arbitration and other legal channels is too high, and the negotiation fails to solve the problem, which also reduces the illegal cost of some training institutions.”The reporter’s investigation found that some training institutions released diversion advertisements on online platforms, managed students in social groups, opened live broadcasts on paid platforms, and launched courses on self-built platforms and vocational education websites. However, to enter these platforms, they only need to provide business licenses and other simple procedures.The whole teaching process is scattered, and complaints against some training institutions have long existed, but they have not been eradicated.Zhu Xiaojuan believes that the addition of advertisements and online operations have resulted in a large number of participants and complicated procedures. In addition, all parties have the demand for profits, so the audit and source control are relaxed or even mere formality, which brings great challenges to the maintenance of trading order and the protection of consumer rights and interests.”There are a large number of e-commerce transaction subjects, so it is unrealistic and impossible for market supervision departments to take the initiative to supervise. The characteristics of e-commerce operation determine the applicable requirements of social co-governance.The competent authorities shall, when permitting the operation of training institutions, carry out strict examination and verification, conduct regular spot checks and supervise interviews, and rectify non-standard operations in a timely manner.We will use science and technology to strengthen supervision, set up a mechanism for timely feedback and handling, respond to complaints in a timely manner, and punish illegal acts in accordance with the law.”Zhu xiaojuan said.In horpe point of view, not because now problems in vocational education and training market and curb the development of the industry, for a career in the private education institutions, shall establish a transparent private access to vocational education, the examination and approval system, explore the negative listing private vocational education system, establish and improve the exit mechanism.”Training and evaluation organizations should be recruited and selected through a socialized mechanism. Training and evaluation organizations should align with professional standards, conform to international advanced standards, develop vocational skill level standards in accordance with relevant regulations, and be responsible for the implementation of vocational skill assessment, evaluation and certificate issuance.Government departments to strengthen supervision, to prevent random training, indiscriminate licensing phenomenon.Industry associations should actively cooperate and provide good service environment support for training and evaluation organizations.”Tang suggested.Source: Rule of Law Daily