“Cloud” viewing the beauty of the Year in the eyes of langzhong photographer

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The Spring Festival is the Chinese Lunar New Year. It is commonly known as “Chun Chun”, “Xin Sui”, “Sui Dan” and so on. It is also known orally as “Guo Nian” and “Danian”.The Spring Festival has a long history, evolved from ancient times.As the birthplace of the Spring Festival, langzhong ancient City has a long history of Spring Festival culture and original taste, rich and colorful folk activities are intriguing and festive.Taurus bid farewell to the old year, Tiger welcome the New Year.Langzhong City photographers Association presidium and council, together with all its members, extend our warmest greetings to the people of the city and wish you a happy New Year!Happy family!Good health!Work well!All the best!Celebrate the New Year the ancient city of red – fire | photography: Chen Dinghua f tiger tiger spring | photography: Du Xianghua leisurely five-arched affection | photography: high up the eight immortals temperament middleman | photography: smelting the bright flower shoes | photography: zhang dam dam tea story | photography: ji-qiang Yang fu bridge | photography: smelting send Ming police Send Spring Festival couplets | photography:Pu Gao Yangkai cage, family reunion dinner | photography: Yao Wenshun teahouse | photography: | Kong Qinyu escort Spring Festival photograph: read Ren Yan lake on the morning of spring | photography: Yan Xiaoyong then | New Year photography: xiao-dong Yang seasons greetings | photography: smelting xing Ming cattle lights make spring | photography: Ren Xiaowei xianglong | photography: xiao-ping hou total harvest music | photography:Miao Jibo advocates the Spring Festival on the spot. “Cloud view” has influenced the national epidemic prevention and control policies, and “Spring Festival on the spot” has become a new “epidemic”.Let’s use our own camera, mobile phone, shoot a different Spring Festival!Record the different taste of New Year in your eyes.Source: Langzhong Photography