DNF: The first sword soul Strike 19 lightsaber failed!Xu Xu baby applauded, high profile standing mad

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Increase “frenzy” swept in, the major anchor base strength, “SAO white” also not idle, for the complete bottom of the first sword soul, to the crazy krypton gold!”SAO White” ambitious, 18 star sea lightsaber weapons are not satisfied, opened the impact of 19 road, but eventually or broken.Xu Xu baby stand crazy!The first sword soul impact 19 failure “SAO white” 100 level version, known as “the soul of the first sword” no one doubts, body transformation +8 equipment above, hit the damage, than madmen more severe.Growth is not as strong as transformation, this is an ironclad fact, madmen can’t help it!Why did “SAO Bai” dare to attack 19 lightsabers?In fact, the reason is very simple, in the hands of two red 18 star sea, the confidence is quite full.For sword soul this profession, an 18 star sea lightsaber weapon is enough, “SAO white” uneasy status quo, to fight.After all, we all know that in DNF, lightsaber weapons stop at Red 18 and can’t move forward.Once “SAO Bai” impact 19 lightsaber success, will become “the first person”, not only an honor, but also bring popularity heat.The appearance of red 19 lightsaber, value will exceed “like rain you leave” 20 earrings, the first sword soul gold content placed there.Unfortunately, “SAO Bai” failed to achieve, impact 19 star sea lightsaber has failed!What’s more interesting is that This time Xu Xu Bao publicly said that he wanted to stand up for his “old friend” Madman.Xu Xu baby with “SAO White” is the same big area, from the system screen information, can see 19 lightsaber results, mouth also kept chanting “broken”.When “SAO Bai” light saber broken, Xu Xu baby happy like a monkey, for the mad man to breathe a sigh of relief.Why the stand-up maniac?Fear of shaking the status of many people more curious, sword soul first, why xu Xu baby so nervous, also ran to stand mad?Blame it on fear, red 19 lightsaber weapon success, will shake the red eye damage!The 110-level version of wisdom product series epic equipment will gradually be phased out, the increase rate will return to normal, so Xu Xu Baby red eye with high red characters, will naturally become the first.But appear “SAO white” this variable!Red eye is fixed damage class, weapon even if increase 17 up, improve very little.Sword soul is not the same, belongs to the percentage occupation, 19 lightsaber carry bonus, let Xu Xu baby are worried.If “SAO white” sword soul +19 lightsaber success, earrings a little effort, when the 110-level version comes, “the first damage” is not easy to say, uncertain Xu Xu baby will hand over.Based on this situation, Xu Xu baby hit heart, do not want “SAO White” 19 lightsaber success, thus standing mad!According to the temper of Xu Xu baby, someone from the increase, injury beyond his red eye, simply can’t sleep, will try to pull back.However, the problem came, Xu Xu baby red eye has increased 17, to improve the difficulty can be imagined, have to pay a lot of price.Money is not the wind, Xu Xu baby also love dearly, a red 18 equipment, bad luck millions may not be successful.Personal summary “SAO Bai” red 19 lightsaber impact failure, this will be quiet for a period of time, the weapon will not move temporarily!In fact, not only Xu Xu baby worry, madman is afraid, “the first sword soul” title, for the anchor is a stone, if surpassed by others, it will have a greater impact on the popularity of the heat.