Fengning street communities to carry out Lantern Festival activities

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The Lantern Festival falls on the 15th day of the first lunar month. Since ancient times, there have been traditional folk customs of appreciating lanterns, eating glutinous rice balls and guessing lantern riddles on the Lantern Festival.In order to enrich the spiritual and cultural life of the people in the area and promote the excellent traditional Chinese culture, fengning community organized a series of colorful activities to spend the Lantern Festival with the residents in the area.Chunhui community February 15 morning, Fengning street Chunhui district NPC representative workstation in one square kindergarten and all teachers and students to jointly carry out the “happy Celebration of the Lantern Festival activity”, the new Wuhua district NPC representative Chen Hui, Li Yue Qi, Guo Fengguang to participate in the activity.First of all, the kindergarten children performed the “dragon and lion Dance” program. Then, three NPC deputies, teachers and children together carried out the manual activities such as rubbing tangyuan, paper cutting and making lanterns. The scene was filled with laughter and a strong festive atmosphere.Fengning Community launched the “Our Festival · Bao Tangyuan · Warm community” activity, inviting the district residents to make tangyuan, taste tangyuan, together feel the festive and peaceful atmosphere of the festival, experience the charm of traditional culture.At the same time, community volunteers will also be entrusted with the love of the tang Yuan to the elderly, the disabled and the lost families, for them to send the care of the community family and the Lantern Festival blessing.Queensland open community he open a community to carry out the “2 ring decorated lantern” theme activities, community work personnel for the present guess riddles, DIY making yuanxiao (dumplings), and other activities, including ready to more than 150 lantern riddle, guess riddles programs of lantern riddle content coverage, right can also be a beautiful souvenir.The activity attracted many residents to participate in the atmosphere of the scene cheerful and warm.Huangtupo Community and Jinnanxin Property to carry out Lantern Festival activities in Jintai International community.At the event site, staff invited residents to make glutinous rice flour, red bean paste, black sesame and other raw materials prepared in advance to experience the charm of traditional culture.Through the division of labor and cooperation of local residents, one by one, the sweet dumplings are gradually shaped. After that, the residents take the dumplings home to share the joy of the Lantern Festival with their families.This activity enhanced the communication between the community and the residents, drew the distance between the neighbors, let the residents feel the joy of the festival and the charm of traditional culture in the activity.Hongshan South Road community organized a unique online Lantern Festival by organizing residents in its district to scan qr codes and guess lantern riddles in wechat groups.After solving the lantern riddles, the participating residents won a wechat red envelope reward. Although the amount was not large, the red envelope they won with their accumulated knowledge made the participating residents very happy, and the interaction within the wechat group also shortened the distance between neighbors.Hongyuan Community hongyuan community organized part of the local people, the Lantern Festival mass cultural activities forum.At the symposium, we shared the customs and interesting stories of the Lantern Festival. After that, the community staff communicated with the residents of the area, carefully understood the spiritual and cultural needs of the people of the area, and laid a foundation for better cultural work in the future.