In 2019, a girl lured her classmates to a hotel, where she was sexually assaulted. The girl said, “I’m a minor.

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Will minors not be punished if they break the law?There are some minors who have always believed that, even if they just know that they will not be punished, so they commit evil acts, knowing that they are doing harm to others.But they went ahead, and their mantra was, I’m a minor, I’m not going to be sentenced, two weeks at most.What am I afraid of?I have nothing to fear, okay?Have to say this cognition, or harm a lot of young girls.Minor girl Li mou, she is such a person, she thinks he is a minor, cheated classmates to the hotel was beaten, sexual assault.She thought she wouldn’t be held responsible because she was a minor.However, at the moment of her arrest, when the police told her that she would be severely punished, she actually burst into tears.She said she was a minor, and she thought she’d be released after two weeks, tops.She didn’t expect such a severe punishment.In November 2019, CCTV “Nightline” had publicly reported such a minor crime case that the police called “shocking”.Let’s see what’s going on here, okay?1 Li, an underage girl who opened a room in her city of Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, told her junior high school classmate He, also an underage girl.She wants He to spend the night with her.She said, “I am alone in the hotel, why don’t you come and accompany me?”He mou agreed!She did not know this is a trap, she thought are classmates, but also are girls, now the students call themselves in the past, their past to see it.She had no idea that coming here would expose her to events she would never forget.She was not only beaten here, she was raped and photographed naked……She came to the hotel li mou told her, into the designated room, she saw the classmate Li mou actually left.She wanted to follow and leave, but by this time she could not.Because she was surrounded by a group of people who were going to beat her, and there were other people in the room.Li mou cheated her, inside is not only li mou said a person.Why did you beat her up?Because she posted some of her classmates’ comments on the Internet.Caused the dissatisfaction of that classmate, that classmate wants to look for the person on the society to teach her once.2 Now He came to the hotel room, her classmate Li has left.There were five or six people in the room, all of whom she didn’t know, one named Hua and one named Liu.It was the two of them who were going to teach Ho a lesson.Liu is the leader. He started to drop out of school when he was in middle school. After dropping out, he became infatuated with online games and began to frequent bars.It was in a bar that he met hwa, who worked there.In his first year of high school, Hua was punished for fighting, so he stopped going to school and started working in a bar after dropping out.The two of them are on good terms, which is why they want to take the lead in beating Ho.However, they do not know he Mou, there is no way to deceive him.How do we find He?It was in this situation that Hwa thought of lee, a minor.Lee said she and He were classmates.Li mou in the class results have been very good, many times won the “three good student”.However, due to class placement, her grades plummeted and she was placed in the back of the classroom, where she began to muddle along with the poor students.After lee became a poor student, she began to let herself go. She started chatting on social media and met Hwa, a bar worker, and they had sex the first time they met.Now Hua mou told her to let her classmates he mou to cheat out, cheat to the hotel.3 Li mou knew what they wanted to do to he Mou, but she still agreed, because she knew she was a minor, she felt that even if they broke the law, there was no punishment for her as a minor.So, she cheated classmate he mou to the hotel.Now this group of people are going to teach Him a lesson.He found herself trapped in a room, with no possibility to escape, no possibility to call for help, and she could only accept the beatings of these people.They used belts, shoes on their feet, water bottles from the hotel, vases to hit He and beat him up.He mou body shed a lot of blood, after beating, they let he mou to wash the blood on the body.It was while He was in the shower that they took nude photos of him.In order to show off their achievements in beating, in order to show off that they took naked photos of others, they also send videos of beating and naked photos to people they know.So many people know he mou was beaten, including he mou’s classmates.He’s classmates also passed the videos to He, which became evidence when she called the police.She thought that being beaten up and photographed naked was the end of the matter.But what she didn’t expect was that there was another tenant waiting for her.This tenant wants to take her to spend the night, encounter such a thing, she a minor how can do?She had no choice but to listen.4 this house is called Zhang Chen, he is hua and Liu’s “eldest brother” house Zhang Chen rich, he often to the bar consumption, he also invited Hua and Liu two people drink dinner.However, he wants to let Hua mou and Liu Mou two people introduce little girl to him.Hua mou and Liu Mou two people, introduced a dozen little girls to him in total.Because the little girl is a minor, encountered such a thing, do not dare to announce, not to report to the police.So, their story didn’t come out.This time it was different, this time they met He mou, he Mou was tricked over, not only beaten, but also sexually assaulted, she must let the person who beat her be punished.The next day, she went to the police.At first she said only that she had been beaten and showed the police a video of the attack.However, in the process of communicating with her, the police can see that this is not just a fight so simple, the police want to know more, hope he mou can tell the truth, tell what they know.Only in this way can the police get justice for her and punish the criminals severely.Saw the police say so, he mou said he did conceal.She said she was taken away by a man and sexually assaulted, and when confronted with him, she did not dare to resist.5. Obviously, this case is very bad. The police attach great importance to this case and arrest all those who beat and sexually assaulted in the video.When conducting interrogation to them, the police learned that this is called Zhang Chen, who sexually assaulted more than a dozen people, the victims are introduced by Hua and Liu.Hua mou and Liu mou let Li mou tricked he mou to the hotel’s real purpose, also want to introduce a little girl to Zhang Chen.He mou was lured by them in this way.Zhang Chen was unrepentant, he said those who were sexually assaulted by him, have not resisted, he this is not sexual assault, not rape.In the face of hard facts, he still wanted to quibble.What’s more, he sexually assaulted minors!Of course, the above offenders have been brought to justice.However, now how to deal with Lee?She’s a minor.Minors are not a shield for illegal crimes. At the end of 2019, Shi Weizhong, director of the Ninth Supervision Office of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, said that minors who are suspected of committing crimes, but have not reached the age of criminal responsibility, must not be “released” and must be punished and corrected.Therefore, Li mou also paid a price for his illegal behavior.When she was locked up in prison, she thought she was a minor and would be released in two weeks at most. She didn’t expect to be locked up for that long.Tears broke into her heart as she repeated these words, and it was only now that she realized the seriousness of the problem.6 Li’s parents work outside all the year round, and she lives with her grandmother. Her grandmother’s only hope now is that she can realize her mistakes, reform well, and come out as early as possible to reunite with her family.They didn’t expect that such a good child, such a good student, would turn to crime.Originally Li mou is a good student, but, a variety of reasons, embarked on the road of illegal crime, which has her parents’ responsibility, parents can not only think of making money, not discipline their children?Before there is no classification, Li mou is a class of three good students, after the classification, her grades will be straight down, this is afraid that parents did not discipline their children have a certain relationship.He was a good kid, didn’t want to be a criminal.Sadly, this is not the only case, we have seen many such reports.I hope all parents can discipline their children well.Do not ask children how good, at least do not let them break the law.I hope all minors can also realize that minor crimes will be punished, not to say that you are a minor, you commit a crime and nothing happens.Anyone who breaks the law and commits a crime should pay the corresponding price for his behavior!