It is expected to open within this year!

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On February 25th, in engineering and technical personnel, under the elaborate organization of lijiang yunnan Tibet railway to shangri-la period of communication, signal and power professional first sea station successfully submit the model project in city, marks the yunnan-tibet railway lijiang to shangri-la section station after “four electrical engineering construction into full sprint phase, for across the board on schedule to have opened to traffic conditions, press the” fast forward button “.The post-station project of the Yunnan-Tibet Railway from Lijiang to Shangri-La includes communication, signal, electric power and traction power supply system and house construction.It is understood that the whole line needs to build 1469 catenary pillars, erecting 190.54 kilometers of catenary, laying 155.4 kilometers of communication trunk optical cable, 237.55 kilometers of communication section optical cable, laying 160 kilometers of power through high voltage cable, laying 55 kilometers of power low voltage cable, building 30 communication towers, 9 transformer and distribution offices.New station room 3, four power room 40.The successful delivery of the first sample project of communication, signal and electric power will be popularized and applied in the subsequent construction, laying a foundation for the completion of the whole line on schedule.”First model project evaluation center for subsequent engineering beacon proofing, in accordance with requirements of the construction organization, our equipment with strong personnel, supplies of raw materials, professional, divided area organization construction, construction conditions of sections to complete the construction progress, more do not have the preparation work well in the section construction conditions, to ensure that in accordance with the delivery on time with good quality.”Xie Yanlong, deputy manager of lixiang Railway Project department of China Railway Construction Electrification Bureau, said.The post-railway station project is directly related to the train operation safety and passengers’ experience of Internet access, communication and station access after the completion of the railway. It has the characteristics of high technical content, strict standard requirements, difficult precision control, multiple cross interfaces and complex construction organization.Yunnan-tibet railway li xiang since the period of construction, kunming, China railway bureau group co., LTD., western yunnan railway construction headquarters organization cooperated-builing parties constantly optimizing construction scheme, construction problems effectively cope with, so far, yunnan-tibet railway li xiang offline tunnel project has been completed 98.6%, jinsha river bridge on the key control project has track-laying conditions.The Yulong Snow Mountain Tunnel and haba Snow Mountain tunnel are scheduled to open in April this year.The rest of the bridge, roadbed and station are completed.On – line rail laying, beam, “four – electricity” project is orderly progress.”Yunnan-tibet railway beautiful fragrance, from an altitude of 2400 meters of lijiang basin journey north to climb to an altitude of 3400 meters of shangri-la basin, along the mountain valley deep, tunnels, tunnels accounted for 73.4%, is currently under construction in our country project of railway construction is difficult, because the correct steps, the time limit for a project in a controlled, to ensure to achieve the goal of open on schedule.”Yang Bin, deputy minister of engineering Department of West Yunnan Railway Construction headquarters of China Railway Kunming Group Co., LTD.The Lixiang section of Yunnan-Tibet Railway is 139.7 km long and is a national class I electrified railway, which is an important part of the Yunnan-Tibet Railway in China’s medium and long term railway network planning.After opening to traffic, the “most beautiful Sky Road” connecting lijiang Ancient Town, Lashida Lake, Yulong Snow Mountain, Tiger Leaping Gorge, Haba Snow Mountain, Shangri-La and other famous scenic spots will greatly reduce the travel time from Kunming to Shangri-La and become a “road of happiness and prosperity” leading to Tibetan areas in Yunnan.Kunming Information port reporter: Guan Yanjun, correspondent: Wang Peng Liu Haoliang for the picture editor: Li Guifang review: jungle final review: Song Jianbo statement: this article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will deal with in time.Email address: