Sadly, Shanghai is repeating the xi ‘an epidemic treatment accident, to the elderly asthma delayed treatment and died

2022-06-07 0 By

Every major situation tests the soul of human nature, every life calls for life, every disaster is disturbing, but the most painful is the indifference and indifference in the face of life.During the epidemic in Xi ‘an, it did not take long for “patients with myocardial infarction died due to delayed timely treatment” and “pregnant women with the disease were aborted due to delayed timely treatment”.During the epidemic in Shanghai, the same mistakes have been made again. Why?Why not learn from experience!Family members of a Shanghai hospital have accused the hospital of negligence after 120 people died of asthma after refusing to help them.It is sad that something like this should happen again.How can we be held accountable for the delayed lives caused by man-made disasters?Some netizens asked, “Would these patients be indifferent if they were doctors’ parents?”Would they be cold-blooded and indifferent?Where is the motivation to give tests to patients in order to prescribe them, where is the passion to bribe people for business, where is the medical ethics to save lives?In recent years, some hospitals have put money first and hung banners saying “the operating table is full of money” in their surgeries.Why not emphasize people-oriented, emphasize medical ethics education, medical skill learning.The epidemic in Shanghai, 120 rescue refused to treat asthma elderly, again sounded the alarm to the hospital, hope that such things will not happen again.I hope that there is no man-made disaster, more hope that the disease merciless human love!