This is the Dad Happy car?The space is big, the power is strong and the fuel is saved

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In recent years, more and more families turn their eyes to some big space models when buying a car. This kind of model has more spacious space, can accommodate more seats, and has a good ride comfort. In particular, it has become the first choice for many dads to take care of their families.But bought this kind of model, often means to bid farewell to power and control, for the driver, seems to be a little bit less fun, that there is a large space, comfort at the same time can also take into account the power of the model?Of course, the answer is — Wuling Capgemini 280T!In simple terms, wuling capgemini 280 t is a upgrade models based on wuling capgemini, the car in wuling silver standard models of high quality building cars idea, continued the family car “big four” product advantages, to meet the dads transport demand of different scenarios, and bring the whole family like a first class “VIP” based on the experience of overweight again,To the engine to a comprehensive upgrade, specifically can be divided into three aspects.Power upgrade, TuiBei on-call, seen by many as a lot of large space family car pays attention to functional and comfort without too much fun to drive, I’m afraid the move is one of the most boring models, but dads to its space is large, the advantages of comfortable sitting and have to compromise, and capgemini 280 t can be said to be broke the traditional,Let the dad in peace with the baby can also be passionate on the road.This is mainly because the 280T is equipped with a new 1.5T turbocharged in-cylinder direct injection engine, which adopts industry-leading 350bar high pressure common rail technology and a new generation of turbocharging technology. The acceleration performance is more outstanding, with maximum horsepower increased from 147Ps to 177Ps and peak torque of 290N·m.At the same time, in order to allow dads to get the power that comes with stepping, the engine optimized the design of the air port, so that the supercharger starts to step in at 1000rpm, the engine can reach the maximum torque of 290N·m at 1500rpm, and achieve high power output faster.Actually open up words, start will be more sensitive swift, push back feeling heavy, and in the high-speed driving, overtaking will be more powerful, a steady stream of power to drive confidence are strong, a word summary, that is “cool”!Of course, the Capgemini 280T does not neglect passengers’ feelings for the sake of the driver, because it also optimizes the overall tranquility of the powertrain.First, the new engine uses positive bias on the pistons and crankshafts to reduce side forces, reducing the sound of the pistons hitting the cylinder block.Second, the upper cast-aluminum part of the combined double-layer oil pan is connected to the gearbox, which improves the NVH characteristics of the engine and enhances the rigidity of the powertrain, effectively reducing the vibration and noise of the powertrain.In addition, the lower quiet plate of the 280T also reduces noise transmission during engine operation, creating a quiet environment in all aspects of the car.In the process of driving, the engine noise can be heard in the car is less. When the dad wants to experience the feeling of pushing back or overtaking, even if he presses the accelerator to accelerate, the family in the car will not hear too much engine noise, which will not affect their comfortable experience on the road.For a long time, power and fuel consumption are mutually antagonistic. Low fuel consumption means average power, and good power means not too low fuel consumption.In terms of reducing engine fuel consumption, the new Capgemini 280T engine has made a lot of efforts. The first is the Mahler variable displacement oil pump with integrated exhaust cylinder head, to achieve intelligent adjustment of engine oil pressure and heating time.Secondly, the engine also blended in 350 bar in cylinder high pressure direct injection, berg warner DVVT into leading the technology of the industry, such as exhaust variable valve allows the engine to more quickly response, burn more fully, to meet the maximum horsepower 177 ps, peak torque of 290 n · m at the same time, vehicle fuel economy is secured, achieved the effect of high efficiency and energy saving,Even the dads who are sensitive to fuel consumption, while enjoying the feeling of pushing back, do not need to worry about the soaring fuel consumption, which can be said to allow users to achieve “power freedom”.Wuling has always been very aware of the needs of users and has brought a variety of products according to different needs of users.And this capgemini the arrival of 280 t, is also a good news for many home users, the car in the family car “big four” originally, on the basis of three dimensions are optimized for engine upgrades, on the power, JingMiXing and economy have been promoted, meet the users demand for comfort and performance.In addition to the improved power, it is said that the Next capgemini 280T will bring more configuration surprises, the overall product power will be further improved, let’s look forward to it together!