Traffic Police Brigade of PUBLIC Security Bureau of Lixian County: legal system and media publicity training will be held

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In order to further improve the quality of road traffic law enforcement and media publicity and effectively enhance the legal system and publicity work ability of police and auxiliary police, the Traffic Police Brigade of Lixian Public Security Bureau held legal system and media publicity training activities in the conference room on the 10th floor on the morning of March 25th.The activity invited the city traffic police detachment, county public security bureau in public opinion control, traditional media, new media publicity and other experts to teach.The meeting was presided over by Chang Jun, director of the brigade office, and 42 persons in charge of each unit, squadron and information staff attended the meeting.Tang Hui Li County brigade legal section chief yu lecture training class, the first Li County brigade legal shares, Tang Hui yu will come daily during the process of law enforcement, the people, the auxiliary police common standardize law enforcement question has carried on the detailed analysis, mainly on the use of the law enforcement recorder, alcohol tester, the use of handheld, information input matching and so on has carried on the detailed explanation.Li County public security bureau deputy director of the political work room Tang Lijun lecture next, by county public security bureau deputy director of the political work room Tang Lijun bring all courses in the new media age five department of public opinion literacy cultivation “, to “crisis of public opinion, knowledge and quality, strong ability, health the first” five tunes as the context, the interpretation of the civilian police in daily work, and how to correct understanding of public opinion,How to improve public opinion literacy from awareness to ability.Explain with lots of typical examples.Changde czy lecture again, deputy director of the traffic police detachment advocacy center changde czy deputy director of the traffic police detachment advocacy center on the “play” four modernizations “master flow code class, short course focuses on new media video journalism, tells how to make full use of” four five senses “sharp find news story, how to collect, process, material, through a large number of excellent works and the opposite case,Through example analysis, we can draw lessons correctly.After the lecture, Liu Xiaoman, a publicity specialist of a directly affiliated group, brought you “Public Security News Writing and Clue Collection Skills”. The course explained the definition, types, elements and other basic knowledge of news, aiming at the main responsibilities of public security traffic control correspondent.Mainly on how to accurately grasp the news elements, information points collection, photos and video material shooting, information reporting each link and details of the key points of knowledge to do a systematic teaching.Finally, LIxian Brigade instructor Zhu Seconds made a summary speech, asked the people on duty, auxiliary police to be good at discovery, timely report, law enforcement standards, highlight the work, firm do good media propaganda work confidence, perseverance and determination;The road front line law enforcement civilian, auxiliary police to the main responsible department professionals closely cooperate, around the traffic control center work, jointly seize the media propaganda work.The training lasted for three and a half hours, and each teacher’s teaching was full of experience. The course was professionally taught in the form of PPT and video, and interactive links such as award contests were interspersed to enhance the atmosphere.The training courses are really high, deep and wide, and the lecturers’ wonderful speeches won applause from the audience.(Tan Lei) Copyright belongs to the original author, pay tribute to the original