Fire dance falls, Jinchan abdicates, S26 “single new brother” was born, meat wild knife on the altar

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Foreword: experienced several big version change, plus the birth of new equipment, now the king of Glory new version of the duel ecology is also a tremendous change, of course, this change and the version of the change brought a hero adjustment can not leave the relationship.Several updates for the S26 season will be a bit uncomfortable for many players, as the new version features several strong heroes that are significantly different from the previous version, and the previous version has been weakened as a T1 fire dance in the middle.At the same time as the last version just launched the new hero Jinchan, after experiencing a version of the baptism, this time is also announced to abdicate, fell down the altar no longer as strong as before, can only be regarded as the strength of the second file in the single hero.01 king glory S26 “in a new” born, sun golden cicada falling in the new version, there are players through a large number of game found that S26 single a new “in”, not that require high operating mage hero, but a wild with the meat cutter can be easily C without output hero, relying on a dozen wild meat knife, directly send him on the altar,The hero is Shen Mengxi, with the update of the new version, let the restraint of shen Mengxi several heroes can not completely limit him, plus the increase of the wild knife, directly become countless back row crispy skin nightmare.02 wild meat knife out, snowball can let Shen Mengxi rapid development become a new version now darling, because Shen Mengxi in the middle with wild meat knife, can lead to faster development time invasion of wild area, everyone know Shen Mengxi in later hurt very high ceiling, even some in front of the meat to be able to cope, is not necessarily so ascension Shen Mengxi development time,It ensures the ability to do damage quickly.In addition, the meat fighting wild knife also guarantees shen Mengxi a certain degree of temperance, if combined with the ice stick is not too disgusting, unlimited kite slowing down for a while will roll a snowball, hit but can not run away, such intensity makes Shen Mengxi directly become the current version of the “one brother”.Shen meng-gye has a high percentage of wins in casual games, and his BAN rate has increased significantly in many high-end games.3 Late damage explosion, meat tanks can not withstand!Of course, the current S26 balance is fairly good, there are not too many unsolved T0 heroes, Shen Mengxi is only a little better than some popular T1 heroes, not T0.The heroes with the same strength as Shen Mengxi are Xi Shi and Yang Yuhuan. These two heroes are more in line with the current version, and their output ability is not low, but they are more as tool people. In the early stage, they guarantee the development of other teammates by wandering and heroic characteristics.However, this play has appeared in the previous version, so it did not let the players too concerned, but Shen Mengxi unreasonable rise, it is to let many middle players very headache, after all, can not solve the meat playing wild knife Shen Mengxi, it can not guarantee the final victory rate of the game.04 personal analysis summary of the current version of the various positions can be said to be a hundred flowers bloom, the new version of the new game ideas also decided to play a completely different way.As one of the more important positions in the game, the matchup ecology of the middle road also radiates to the overall situation to a certain extent, so if you want to score quickly in this season, shen Mengxi’s latest gameplay can be considered, I believe that as long as you try one or two in the matchup, for this routine should be full of praise.I don’t know if you have any good countermeasures for the current shen Mengxi routine of meat beating wild sword?Who do you think is Brother Monotony in the current version?