“Listed companies Spring Festival does not close” Tongfeng Electronics: sprint off to a good start, during the Spring Festival production and operation and project construction go hand in hand

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In the Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger, many employees of listed companies chose to stick to their posts during the festival, against the complex background that many places across the country advocate local Chinese New Year due to the epidemic and some industrial chains have strong demands.Securities Times · E company launched the listed companies “Spring Festival does not close” special report, pay tribute to the festival is still struggling in the frontline staff, show the listed companies in the winter of hot work!Securities Times · E company “Listed companies Spring Festival does not close” special report the eighth stop, into the tongfeng electronics located in tongling City, Anhui Province, “China’s millennium ancient copper capital”.In order to achieve a good start and seize market opportunities, Tongfeng electronic science carefully deploy, reasonable reserve of raw and auxiliary materials, spare parts before the festival, do a good job in production and marketing coordination.During the Spring Festival, Tongfeng electronics to strengthen production safety, the implementation of epidemic prevention and control, logistics support, the production units scientific organization of production, the majority of employees stick to their posts, managers at all levels on duty, to ensure that the company does not stop work during the Spring Festival, promote production, guarantee delivery, work together to achieve a good start.In ensuring the normal production and operation order at the same time, the peak electronic also actively promote key projects under construction: the project equipment selection and plant layout optimization, equipment and process debugging, the new product development and technical validation work diligent work, go hand in hand, one thousand party hundreds working, work schedule, quality, strive for the project as soon as possible benefits.Tongfeng electronics was founded in 1952 as a collective clothing cooperative, the end of 1975 to produce electronics.After decades of development, it has developed into a well-known r & D and manufacturing base of electrical film, film capacitor and related electronic components in the same industry at home and abroad.The main products of Tongfeng electronics are polypropylene film, polyester film, metallized film and AC/DC capacitor, which are widely used in household appliances, rail transit, clean energy, power transmission and other applications.In November 2020, after the Management Committee of Tongling Economic Development Zone became the actual controller of Tongfeng Electronics, the new party and government leaders united and led all cadres and workers to pay close attention to system construction, strengthen internal management, reduce costs and increase efficiency, and promote project construction and technological innovation.Over the past year, Tongfeng Electronics has planned and implemented 6 new projects centering on the new energy and 5G market, to seize opportunities and enhance development momentum, and promote transformation and upgrading, technological innovation and efficiency improvement with the project as the starting point, and boost the development of the enterprise onto the fast track.These, users are watching late at night burst!Shenzhen found 1 cases of diagnosis, Dongguan live in Shenzhen to work!Involving rainbow market, hospitals and other places, a hospital emergency suspension of outpatient and emergency care!Crack!The hottest 00 post box office over 10 billion no suspense, the Spring Festival speed break through 1 billion!”Changjin Lake” another masterpiece strong top, these A-share companies are expected to share the pie!A sudden!Gambling hall big crocodile, an Yixuan husband was arrested in Macao, refused to cooperate when questioned!Suspected of money laundering, etc., related to the Shimihua case!75 years old “yanjiao richest man” sentenced!Unit bribery and other crimes, was worth 5 billion!Is this A shares one of the real control…….Demand blowout!Nord shares last year net profit pre-increased over 71 times, executives once said that “less than 50 billion market value on the” heroic!Smart flying biology festival to give out a big red envelope, promote the common prosperity plan for employees, the total number of beneficiaries will reach 2000 people

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