“New Sentry” for Epidemic Prevention and control in hospitals

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Recently, new blood has been injected into the infectious diseases department, and the group of doctors in the department is growing, with new colleagues coming in with great energy and different strengths.It’s a challenge for them to work in the infectious diseases department at its busiest time. Let’s hear from them.”There are always people such as stars, a fraction of the force, send a light, guard our feet of the land.”How time flies! It has been more than two months since I joined the Infectious diseases department of Jishuitan Hospital.The current working state has also become handy, which may be a kind of lucky, in the new collective smoothly through the run-in period.This severe winter has seen an increase in fever outpatients and a corresponding increase in critically ill patients.We can only go to the toilet and drink water once every shift. Some colleagues even have no time to eat when they are busy.Thanks to the hospital leaders, department heads, head nurses and brothers and sisters for their help. Thanks to the united brothers and sisters of the department, everyone’s joint efforts make the fever clinic orderly.There are always people such as stars, a fraction of the force, send a light, guard our feet of this land.In my new job, I will continue to unite my colleagues and be the one who is willing to give and not care.Cao Fei “In this special post, every medical staff is full of energy to work, walking is hurried, but orderly, although the words are fast, but full of warmth.Twinkling of an eye to jishuitan hospital infection department more than two months, just start don’t adapt to this new environment, new work mode, but in the sun, the head nurse wang, director of the lead and other brothers and sisters with the help of the department, I quickly into the new collective, work also gradually with ease, but also deeply realize the outbreak of the new champions league infection specially care is not easy.During the busiest days, it took more than 10 minutes to get in and out of the work area with more than 300 patients. In order to save minutes for patients to wait and save protective materials, he had to go to the bathroom only once every time.Give priority to with fever clinic patients every day, the final diagnosis was mostly “cold”, actually don’t need too much medication, but in the new epidemic environment, everyone nervous or anxious, coupled with the physical discomfort, they need more is the mission of medical knowledge and tension of channel, but, in a limited time only in the most concise words passed as much content as possible.The work of infectious diseases department is not easy, everyone in this special post, every medical staff is in good spirits to work, walking is hurried, but orderly, words are fast, but full of warmth.Xu Yanyan “With the care of my leaders and the help of my colleagues, I am no longer confused about the work I love and full of fighting spirit.”Time flies, time flies, I have been working in the department of infectious diseases for more than a month.I still remember that when I first came to work in the department, I was full of anxiety. I had both a good vision for the future work and worries about whether I was competent for this job.Fortunately, with the great help of the department director, head nurse and colleagues, I soon got familiar with the job and devoted myself to the new position.With the care of my leaders and the help of my colleagues, I am no longer confused about my beloved work and full of fighting spirit.As the medical staff of the Department of Infectious Diseases, we are always standing in the front line of fighting against the epidemic. I will try my best to complete my work tasks, fully apply my theoretical knowledge and clinical practice to the new job, and make my contribution to people’s health.My work endows me with responsibility. As a doctor, healing the wounded and saving the dying is my code of conduct. I will always stick to my work in the infectious diseases Department and make a contribution to our hospital and our country.Literature picture song Lisi, Cao Fei, Xu Yanyan, Department of Infectious Diseases