“Watergate Bridge” topped the box office on the first day of the Chinese New Year holiday, while “Sniper” earned the most praise

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A total of eight films will be released on the first day of the Spring Festival in 2022.As expected, “Watergate Bridge,” as predicted, soared to the top of the box office, leaving seven other films in the dust.By 24pm on New Year’s Day, the end of its first day of release, Watergate Bridge had grossed more than 822 million yuan.If this trend continues, watergate is expected to reach $3 billion after the end of the Chinese New Year holiday with five more days to go, and the final total is expected to reach $5 billion with additional screening days.In this case, it is highly possible that the combined box office of “Changjin Lake” and “Watergate Bridge” will surpass 10 billion yuan.The box office figures of the eight Chinese New Year films are as follows: 1. Watergate Bridge2. “Four Seas” 278 million;3. The Not-so-Cool Killer, 278 million;4. Miracle Stupid Kids, 225 million;5. Bears Return to Earth, 159 million;6. Sniper, $62.1 million;7. Pleasant Goat and the Basket of Big Big Wolf: The Future, 44.76 million yuan;8. “Xiaohudun Heroes”, 9.45 million yuanAs you can see, the box office of Watergate Bridge was not much less than that of the other seven films combined, and it was more than 90 times that of the last film, Tigers and Heroes.Meanwhile, Douban, an authoritative Chinese film rating platform, has also given ratings to five of the eight films, from highest to lowest:1. Sniper (7.72), Wonder & Stupid (7.43), Watergate Bridge (7.24), The Killer Is Not Too Cool (7.05), And Four Seas (5.6)However, its sister film, “Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf: The Future”, received a score of 8.4 on Douban after its release in 2021.It can be seen that sniper has the highest score and the best reputation among the eight films for the 2022 Spring Festival, but embarrassingly, it has the lowest box office among the five released films.You know, this is the work of zhang Yimou, a famous director at home and abroad.Before the Spring Festival, the premiere of Sniper was held in Beijing on Jan 21. Many celebrities, journalists and film and television actors were invited to watch the film, and they all spoke highly of the film.Like Watergate Bridge, Sniper is an anti-American and anti-Korean story, but the difference between the two at the box office is puzzling.The reasons can be roughly attributed to the following three points: First, “Watergate Bridge” followed by “Changjin Lake” was overwhelming. “Changjin Lake” achieved a box office of 5.775 billion yuan and became the overall champion of Chinese box office.Two is the gate bridge strong, director Chen kaige, tsui hark and Dante lam, the three is second to none in the Chinese film director team, starring wu, Jackson, yihong duan, ya wen zhu, hu jun, 15, Han Dongjun are famous, such as especially the wujing, its starring movie box office now a total of 20 billion, Jackson as a new generation of young actor,Its huge fan base is beyond the reach of the vast majority of domestic film and television actors.In sniper, zhang Yi is the only well-known actor in the cast. However, he is only a supporting actor in the film with few scenes. The other main actors Chen Yongsheng, Zhang Yu, Liu Yitie, Huang Yan, Wang Ziyi and Chen Mingyang are little-known.Three single content is “sniper” can make a lot of people lose interest, in other words, most people walked into the cinema during the Spring Festival is in order to feel the visual impact, is to allow yourself to indulge in stimulus in the magnificent spectacle, “sniper”, as the name implies, but will make a lot of people think of the film is simply to express a career in the field,It was hard to have such an earth-shattering spectacle, and it was dull.In fact, it can be attributed to the poor promotion of Sniper, which has a much smaller audience than Watergate Bridge.But after watching the movie to know whether it is good or not, whether it is worth, from the current “sniper” word-of-mouth ranking, do not rule out the late this movie will hit the box office.”Dying to Survive” had a mediocre box office performance when it was just released. Later, thanks to its good word of mouth, it made a comeback and shot to the sky, finally breaking into the top ten box office of Chinese films with a box office of 3.1 billion yuan.Interestingly, Four Seas, the second highest-grossing film on its opening day, took in 233 million yuan, but its rating on Douban was the lowest at 5.6.Surprisingly, director Han Han’s film has become the only Chinese New Year film to receive a failing rating. Despite the participation of Liu Haoran, Liu Haocun, Shen Teng, Yin Zheng and others, it failed to escape the critical failure.The main comments of the audience with low scores were “I don’t understand”, “deliberately nostalgic”, “dull procrastination” and “forcibly BE”. The most liked comment on Douban so far was “Watching a car accident on the first day of the New Year, unlucky”, with more than 5,400 people saying it was “useful”.It’s only the first day of the Chinese New Year movie season, and with five days left in the holiday season, watergate Bridge’s box office is all but certain, and it’s up to the other seven films to take second place.Everything is in flux, and it’s not impossible for “Sniper” to come from behind.