Zhao Long in Fuzhou research stressed in-depth understanding of the actual facts of an enterprise a policy to solve the problem

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On the morning of 25th, Governor Zhao Long went to Fuzhou New Area and Changle District to investigate the production and operation of industrial enterprises, to understand the needs and expectations of enterprises face to face, and promote the solution of practical difficulties.He stressed that steady growth is the top priority of this year’s economic work, and it is crucial to get the first quarter off to a good and steady start.Up and down the province to thoroughly study and apply xi general secretary of the important speech spirit of important instructions instructions, in accordance with the deployment of the CPC Central Committee decision, the full implementation of the provincial economic work conference of the 11th party congress, provincial party committee, the provincial CPPCC requirements, to implement the “improve efficiency, improve efficiency, increase benefit” action for the gripper, speed up the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, and strengthen the advanced manufacturing industry, with high qualityWith outstanding achievements to welcome the opening of the party’s 20th victory.”What’s the momentum this year?””What about the order?””Is there a shortage of work now?””What can the government do to help?”Wherever he went, Zhao long had a detailed understanding of the enterprise’s production and operation, technological upgrading and existing difficulties.The ammonia refrigeration equipment produced by Fujian Snowman Company made the National Snow sled Center “Snow Dragon” use the “Fujian lung”, which amazed the Beijing Winter Olympics.Zhao long praised the enterprise and encouraged the enterprise to seize the opportunity and build on the momentum to make the ice and snow equipment business bigger and stronger and help the development of ice and snow sports.He said that the single champion of the manufacturing industry, “little giant” and specialized new enterprises have great development potential. We should adhere to independent innovation, increase investment in RESEARCH and development, solve the bottleneck problem, make the main business bigger and stronger, and accelerate the growth into a ten-billion-level enterprise, so as to achieve greater development.In the production workshops of New Huayuan Textile Group and Hengshen Group, the traditional pictures of machines roaring, silver ingots flying and women shuttling are no longer replaced by intelligent production lines, leaving only a few workers in the busy production workshop.Zhao Long carefully examined the modern production process, stressed the need to speed up digital transformation and intelligent transformation, further improve product quality, improve management efficiency, reduce operating costs, and strive to create more valuable experience.The head of the enterprise to reflect the difficulties in land use, labor, talent, Zhao Long requirements, all levels of government departments to actively rescue enterprises to solve their worries, one enterprise one policy to do a good job of service;Pay close attention to the missing links of the industrial chain, focus on the introduction of advanced technology, environmental protection and low-carbon large projects good projects, make great efforts to do a strong chain chain extension;Leading enterprises should be supported in setting up public service platforms and providing digital transformation solutions to help smes accelerate transformation and upgrading.We should actively support school-enterprise cooperation and train more high-quality, professional and suitable talents for enterprise development.In the research, Zhao Long and Hengshen Group, Jinlun High fiber, Yongrong Group, Hengjie industry in charge of in-depth communication.’Enterprises are the main body of wealth creation and the new force of high-quality development,’ he said. ‘The problems of enterprises are the problems the government should focus on solving.’It is governments at all levels must adhere to the “two”, vigorously support the healthy development of private enterprises, continue to deepen reform of “pipes”, the full implementation of tax cuts JiangFei enterprise helps the enterprise policy, such as guarantee of all kinds enterprise fair access to land, labor, capital, data and other elements of the market under the rule of law to international business environment;Investment promotion work should not only pay attention to the introduction of new projects, but also encourage existing projects to increase capital and expand production, giving equal treatment.There is no outdated industry, only backward technology. Traditional industries are not backward industries. However, traditional industries need to strengthen technological innovation, management innovation and accelerate transformation and upgrading.I hope entrepreneurs will remain firm in their determination to achieve high-quality development, accelerate digital transformation and green and low-carbon development, achieve higher output value, greater returns and stronger strength, and make greater contribution to all-round high-quality development.(Fujian Daily reporter Lin Yuxi) Source: Fujian Daily