Don’t treat a motorcycle as a car!Ganzhou this 4 people just New Year’s day get punishment!

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Special note: all works marked “source” or “transferred” are reproduced from media, copyright belongs to the original author and original source.During the Spring Festival, friends and relatives will inevitably drink a few drinks, but please remember not to drink and not to drive the motorcycle is not the car!!Case recently, the Nankang District Court applies the criminal speedy adjudication procedure, centralized hearing of 4 dangerous driving cases, and the court verdict, sentenced 4 defendants to detention for two months to two and a half months, and a fine ranging from 4000 yuan to 4500 yuan.After hearing the court found that Zhu and other 4 defendants drunk driving motor vehicle driving in the city on the road was police on duty seized, 4 defendants drunk driving motor vehicles are ordinary two-wheeled motorcycles.The blood alcohol levels of the four were found to be between 173.5mg/100mL and 248.5mg/100mL, all of which met the sentencing standards for drunk driving.Zhu mou and other 4 people to the case truthfully confessed their crimes, and confessed to the punishment, can be lighter punishment, the court then according to the law to the crime of dangerous driving zhu mou and other 4 people convicted punishment, make the above judgment.Jun said the judge reminded: according to the relevant provisions of the Road Traffic Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China, a motorcycle is also a motor vehicle, drunk driving refers to the driving behavior of the vehicle driver whose blood alcohol content is greater than or equal to 80mg/100mL.For the safety of yourself and others, never drink and drive!Whoever drives a motor vehicle on road under any of the following circumstances shall be sentenced to criminal detention and shall also be fined :(1) chase after race driving and the circumstances are flagrant;(2) driving a motor vehicle while intoxicated;(3) driving at a speed in excess of the rated passenger capacity or exceeding the prescribed speed while engaging in school bus business or passenger transport;(4) transporting hazardous chemicals in violation of the provisions on the safety administration of hazardous chemicals, thereby endangering public safety.Where the owner or manager of a motor vehicle is directly responsible for the acts in item (3) and (4) of the preceding paragraph, he shall be punished in accordance with the provisions of the preceding paragraph.Whoever commits any of the acts mentioned in the preceding two paragraphs and concurrently constitutes another crime shall be convicted and punished in accordance with the provisions on relatively heavier punishment.