Ending 3 big hints!Does that make sense?Family Glory 2 is coming!Markovich will become Donnie yen

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The blockbuster Hong Kong drama Family Glory has come to an end.Due to the plot has been black lotus she murder multiple lives, so how can not leave the end was sent to prison.To heroine Zhen Xin character, her world loses and wins only, affection is a kind of tool and means only, it is such to love, old boudoir honey affection worth while.Although the end of the end of the small three Mandy’s sister revenge, with sharp tools to stab the heroine in prison, but until the last shot did not take the core fell.Here are the three foreshadows of Family Glory: The future of Family Glory 2.In bidding farewell to his son, Zhen Xin tells his son that he was born a winner with a large amount of assets and a prominent family, and at the same time allows his son to accomplish what he cannot do.Zhen Core finally chose to send his son back to the horse home to get rid of boudoir care, is to see the goodness of boudoir and horse home will still be cultivated into talents.At the same time, also told Ma Exhibition Hong child is his, let the child get the identity of the eldest grandson of the horse home at the same time, there is a strong and powerful birth father to do the support of the father in the future.Network this is zhen Xin ma zhen’s “family glory 2” foreshadowing.After taking so many lives, The heroine Zhen Xin was sentenced to prison, but it was not specified how many years or how long she was sentenced.Network so cheap sentencing, also just for “family glory 2” foreshadowing, so she can find a reason to be released at any time.At the end of the episode, it is not stated that Zhen Was assassinated and killed in prison, but rather an open-ended ending, presumably to test the audience’s reaction before deciding whether to make a sequel.For Zhen, family, love and friendship are all tools that help him become a winner in life.She uses close affection to let younger brother help him become murder accomplice, she uses love to marry into rich and powerful family and the love that uses Ma To show hong attempts to carry off his career kingdom, let Ma poor one step become Zhen Shi.Ma Zhanhong is a character with deep feelings, even if she sold also don’t know it.Although Zhen Xin is in prison, he promises to wait for her to come out and reunite the family with their son.Even into the prison, Zhen Core is still plotting and planning good into the prison after the matter.With that in mind, family Glory 2 is definitely on the way and black Lotus will be back for a second season.