Fuping County Education Bureau: the implementation of integral star evaluation to strengthen the teacher ethics

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In order to further strengthen and improve the construction of teachers’ ethics in the county, establish and perfect the construction system of teachers’ ethics with clear goals, effective measures, effective incentives and supervision in place.Since this year, fuping department of education based on the actual, in all kinds of schools at various levels shall strengthen moral standards of integral evaluation star management way, to promote the county’s ethics strengthen examination standardization, refinement, and scientific management, build a “virtue has restricted zones and the bottom line can’t touch” defenses and law and order of the red line, strengthen the construction of teachers team.Strengthen top-level design.Fuping County Education Bureau attaches great importance to the construction of teachers’ ethics and always regards teachers’ ethics as the first standard for evaluating teachers.After full investigation, repeated discussion and collective research, the “Implementation Opinions on the implementation of the management Methods of Teachers’ ethics and teachers’ style integral star evaluation (Trial)” was formulated.Under the guidance of the county Education Bureau, the school as a unit to set up a leading group, combined with the actual work of their own, formulate implementation plans, refine the integral assessment standards, pay attention to the organization and implementation, in accordance with the steps of “one integral in January, one semester one star evaluation, one academic year one evaluation”.Quantitative assessment criteria.Bureau of education according to the primary and secondary school teachers’ professional ethics in the new era of primary and secondary school teachers’ professional conduct ten guidelines, etc., has been clear about the patriotic law-abiding and so on six aspects article 30 points inspection content, add and subtract points from each school according to the actual further refinement, attendance, honor, style of work, training, research and voluntary service content,Monthly records of fuping County teachers ethics teachers monthly score statistics table.At the end of each semester, each school in the teaching and administrative staff conference announced the star award results, star rating is divided into three stars, two stars, one star 3 times.Each school set up a “three-star teacher honor list” to publicize advanced deeds and set a learning benchmark for teachers to compete for stars and achieve excellence.For those teachers with lower monthly scores, the school will send someone to help them “one to one” to help them find problems and deficiencies, so that they can compete for excellence and improve dynamically.At the end of each school year, each school carries out the annual assessment of teachers’ ethics according to the monthly points, stars and democratic evaluation, according to the four grades of excellent, good, qualified and unqualified.Focus on results.The education Bureau takes the score evaluation and comprehensive evaluation results as an important basis for the regular registration of teachers’ qualifications, the assessment of employment period, the promotion of posts, the evaluation of professional titles, the evaluation of excellent tree models, and the application and selection of key talents.Those who fail to pass the teacher ethics assessment will fail the annual assessment, fail the regular registration of teacher qualification, and are not allowed to be promoted, participate in the evaluation of professional titles and excellent tree models in that year.At the same time, unqualified teachers, by the county bureau team members, central school principals and principals of the school to help teach.Every Year in September, the county bureau from the teacher morality teacher wind assessment for excellent class of teachers in the selection of 50 ethics model.Improve the long-term mechanism.The education bureau has incorporated teachers’ ethics into the assessment of responsibility for year-end goals, carried out special inspections from time to time, and corrected the principals of schools whose work is not well implemented and whose results are not obvious by taking measures such as interview reminder and criticism.The education bureau has adhered to the principle of zero tolerance, implemented the principle of “one vote to veto” teachers’ ethics, and strictly dealt with teachers’ behavior such as paying for make-up lessons, running classes without permission and living style.In March, the county bureau joint inspection team through discussions, visits, access to information and other ways to in-depth grassroots schools teachers’ ethics teacher wind integral star management measures to carry out a special supervision.Through the inspection, the schools can integrate the management of teachers’ ethics with the work of the school, improve the daily management mechanism of teachers, and build the construction system of teachers’ ethics with the extensive participation of schools, students, parents and society.(Correspondent: Wang Guozhu)