Here comes the red envelope!Dunhuang City to create national ethnic unity and progress demonstration city network knowledge contest

2022-06-09 0 By

In order to further enhance the strong atmosphere of establishing the demonstration city of national ethnic unity and progress, continuously improve the awareness rate, support rate and participation rate of the children of all ethnic groups in the city to the creation of ethnic unity and progress, and cultivate the sense of community of the Chinese nation.Now we hold the Dunhuang City to create national Ethnic Unity and Progress demonstration city network knowledge contest, please participate!Organizers: United Front Work Department of dunhuang Municipal Committee of the CPC Dunhuang Rong Media Center2. Answer 5 questions each time.3. If you answer more than 2 questions correctly, you will get lucky draw.Original title: “Here comes the red envelope! Dunhuang City to Create national Ethnic Unity and Progress Demonstration City Network Knowledge Contest”