Huawei dividends 50 billion, the shareholding employees are rich

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February and April are good news days for Huawei employees. February is the day when the dividend plan is disclosed, and employees who hold shares on this day know how much bonus they have received this year. April is the day when dividends are paid.According to network data, this year, Huawei’s dividend per share is 1.58 yuan, huawei 2020 annual report shows that it has 34 billion shares, meaning the total dividend amount is more than 50 billion yuan, and Huawei has 120,000 shareholding employees, the per capita dividend is more than 400,000 yuan.Dig a number of high school students, that year after graduating from university into Shenzhen Foxconn, don’t laugh, the somebody else when is a test engineer, serious technology live, this elder brother is also a talent, born to bear hardships, in Foxconn was pressed 4 years later, was dug to Huawei, is also a test engineer.I remember it was 2016, when I was still working as a data mining engineer for Vivo in Shenzhen. One night, I went to Sakata to have dinner with my friends. After dinner, my friends said that I would like to visit his home.Who knows more walk more wrong, the elder brothers how to take me to the village in the city ah, this road is so black ah, people are so few ah, all the way around ah around, came to a small black house, stairwell that dirty, wire with spider web.At the door, the ya is a hand building, open his hands can touch two walls, estimated to be 10 square meters, the home is a bed, a cloth wardrobe, almost gave him on the spot to chant a “humble room Ming”, that night at dinner he also said his annual salary of nearly 400,000, of which the stock dividend is close to half.I live here purely because of extreme savings, and because my family is poor, I guess I share most of the money I earn with my family.Day after my respect for him, but although earn more money, to say this elder brothers than I didn’t feel happy, because his life than a job is no other, after 10 PM every night after work, have been single, then back to mutually close, phase a neighbor girl, married life didn’t change much, he continue to work in shenzhen when force, urban villages,His wife and children live in a newly built house in chaozhou, separated from each other.Then Huawei moved to Songshan Lake in Dongguan, and he followed him. Fortunately, he bought a house in Songshan Lake as soon as he went there. Now the house price is estimated to have tripled.On the day I heard that he bought the house, I thought it would be great for the family to reunite. However, he said no and was sent to Thailand. Due to the spread of COVID-19, the company and home were on the line every day for several months.A few months ago, I contacted him and asked him if he had returned to China. He said he had returned, and I asked him why he was still in tears. He said he had been transferred to Xi ‘an again, which happened to be closed down by the epidemic.You say that this person’s life is completely tied to his work. Even after getting married and having children, he has no life. Then where does the happiness in this life come from?Probably from the videos I watch with my family every night.Do you think I envy him?I don’t envy. I’d rather be poor than jealous.Back to Huawei, although huawei is not listed, it does have financial reports. It will release the annual report on its official website every year. Here are some data of the 2020 annual report:It can be seen that Huawei’s sales volume in 2020 will be 891.3 billion YUAN, with a year-on-year growth of 15%+ in the past few years and only 4% in 20 years. Comparing with ZTE’s sales volume in 20 years, ZTE’s sales volume will be 101.4 billion yuan, less than 1/8 of Huawei’s.In comparison with those Internet giants, Tencent had sales of 482 billion yuan in 20 years, Alibaba 717.2 billion yuan in fiscal year 21, Meituan 114.8 billion yuan, and Bytedance 236.6 billion yuan. However, Meituan and Bytedance are still in a loss state, and it is far from clear when they will make a profit. However, Huawei’s net profit in 20 years is 64.6 billion yuan, which is really the weight of China.These two days to see a terrible news, Shanghai a private fund manager jumped into the river, 22 January 10 missing, February 8 in the Huangpu River pulled out a body, the identity has been confirmed, plus last November also had a fund manager jumped, this line of pressure is really big.Winter Olympics concept stocks have a daily limit, one of the leading shares up to today’s close has 3 daily limit, the company has obtained the winter Olympics derivative products franchise production rights and retail rights, staff said, will develop and produce ice dun dun related winter Olympics franchise products a total of 24.Bing Dwen Dwen, the mascot of the Winter Olympics, is selling like hot cakes. It is said that the price of a key chain of Bing Dwen Dwen on wechat has been raised from 58 yuan to 148 yuan, and the price of a plush toy has been raised to 358 yuan.I play an ice word casually in Baidu, out of these are visible how hot.I am not interested in Bing Dwen Dwen, but I am interested in this leading company, so I went to check its financial reports. The company is a cinema operator, with 73 cinemas under its umbrella. In addition to cinemas, it also invests in making films and online games.Today’s index rose well, the basic stocks rose, especially in the liquor and beverage sector, China Mobile +10%, is estimated to be related to the Winter Olympics:It is reported that Migu Video, a subsidiary of China Mobile, has entered into cooperation with CCTV to become the official broadcaster of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games. Migu introduced many famous commentary during this Winter Olympic Games, among which Wang Meng was the most popular, which became a phenomenon IP and occupied the hot search on Weibo for many times.Gu, who won the gold medal on Feb 8, is a 5G ice and snow promotion ambassador signed by China Mobile as early as August 2021.Elephant also dance one day, but mobile performance is also good, a few days ago released 21 years of performance forecast, 2021 to achieve revenue of about 844.9 billion yuan – 852.6 billion yuan, year-on-year growth of about 10%-11%;Non-deduction net profit of about 107.3 billion yuan to 109.3 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth of about 5-7%, this net profit is nearly 1 times more than Huawei, the printing press is the machine.