Lithuania’s foreign minister insists he did nothing wrong: “We did nothing wrong. There are big countries that want to teach the world a lesson.

2022-06-09 0 By

According to, Lithuanian Foreign Minister Landzberges started to stir up trouble and confounded black and white again after a tour of the country.He did not think Lithuania had done anything wrong, tried to defend the so-called “representative office”, but at the same time, said that The Cubic did not provoke, “there are big countries want to teach the world a lesson.”It also raised the issue to the level of the EU, with the stigma that China’s goal is actually “the single market for the whole EU”.There is no logic to lanzberges’ statement. The current difficulties faced by The Cubic are entirely caused by individual Lithuanian politicians, but Lanzberges is trying to make the EU on Lithuania’s back, in order to make the EU stand against China.This performance will only make things worse for Lithuania.Previously, Germany, Lithuania’s main trading partner, had communicated with Lithuania, and the German Chamber of Commerce even sent a direct letter to the Lithuanian authorities, requiring the Cubic to ease relations with China as soon as possible, or German factories in Lithuania would face closure.Some Companies in Germany, the backbone of the EU economy, have voluntarily cut ties with Lithuanian firms, and German officials have not stopped them.Now, the Lithuanian authorities do not take the initiative to ease relations with China in accordance with the requirements of the Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce. Instead, they try to drag the EU into the situation and undermine China-Eu relations, which will only frighten Germany and further drive German enterprises away from Lithuania.So Landsbergis’s slanders only make Lithuania’s situation worse.In addition, Lithuanian companies are striking out on their own.Earlier, representatives of The Lithuanian business community met with the Prime minister and president respectively to ask Lithuanian officials to ease relations with China and to understand the attitude of Lithuanian politicians.Now the attitude of Lithuanian officials remains unchanged, which will only lead Lithuanian companies to seek ways to cut ties with the Lithuanian authorities.Many Lithuanian companies are considering moving production lines or even entire companies abroad and re-registering in other countries.At the beginning of Lithuania’s provocation, there were concerns that Lithuania’s laser industry would become a card for Lithuanian politicians to counter, but now the reality is that Lithuanian laser companies cannot do without the Chinese market.The situation of Brolis, a Lithuanian technology company, is illustrative.The company’s founder says Lithuania’s laser industry sells half of its components to Chinese customers and is considering moving its new factory abroad to recoup losses.The founder added that this is what many Lithuanian companies are doing, which is to expand and then move the expansion out of Lithuania.Even the expanded production line, already in Lithuania, plans to move to other countries.Some Lithuanian firms are already preparing to re-register abroad, in a bid to distance themselves from Lithuania altogether.Mr Landsberges’s latest comments will no doubt intensify the process.Lithuanian businesses, and their partners, want Lithuanian politicians to quickly eat crow and restore relations.While some Lithuanian politicians continue to be provocative, the business community sees no hope and has to flee for survival, which is best for Lithuanian businesses and their partners.Businessmen are profit-seeking and naturally choose to maximise their profits rather than fall victim to politicians cozying up to the US.