Maha is absolutely in love with Suthida, Posting 15 photos of the poster showing her elegant Thai clothes and fashionable fashion

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After 75 Chinese queen really exalted status, the royal family in the king’s husband at the behest of the sun out of the spring limited poster, Su Tida the United States new height!The point is that the same poster is full of beautiful photos of the queen, P together with their own wonderful, and concubine Sinina did not appear in the picture, it seems that the royal business will be sutita, concubine is not on the table!Monogamy in all countries, but mahath broke the rules of the old king, the king married a wife, a wife again, and at the same time conferring the queen and the imperial concubine, the restoring ancient ways is to emulate ancestors, it was in the public discontent, rich rich also imitate the king three wives four concubines, poor people can’t marry a wife, the king has a wife a concubine to let ordinary people also complaint!Wang Zan sentiment has been to the royal family, the old countries son ramah tenth defeat to light, but the queen dignified know wisely, mother-in-law is favor the daughter-in-law, also only has wronged high-ranked imperial concubine poems Nina, status is not high also is unable to attend formal occasions, such as a state banquet reception guests, it seems the king also slowly to accept the sister sirindhorn’s advice, maintenance is the status of the wife, to keep the longer,After all, there are many people who oppose the King of Thailand.Recently, the royal family released the spring edition of Suthida’s poster, which featured 15 beautiful photos of suthida in official appearances last year, mostly in pink colors. Some dressed in traditional Thai clothes and some dressed in fashion dresses, standing on different stages, each more stunning than the last.Look carefully, there is not a beautiful photo of the two princesses, not to mention concubine Chenina.With modern feminine fashion dress to wear in the body, such as the v-neck dress skirt, upper body cultivate one’s morality is packet buttock, woman shoes, pure color is stamped on the qualities of and reduction of age, the body modelling is one of the poster, the king stood beside the gentleman to wear a suit and manly, old little wife is quite match!A dress with a standing collar, a row of buttons on the chest, and decorative edges, a pink and tender color, full of age and girl feeling, low ponytail partial part bangs show maturity, this beautiful photo in the latest poster next to the shape holding a dog, quite outstanding and expensive, and in the poster is very representative.Thai dress is suthida wears more clothes, different colors with different saturation, the upper body effect is really different, her red Thai dress with sash is more official, the whole body of jewelry and accessories represent the queen’s status and identity in the royal family, is also one of the models in the new poster.Pink Thai dress up tender, Su Tida without a sense of disharmony, this body Thai dress is relatively simple, wear pearl necklace ornament dignified and expensive, this pink dress is not so formal, and there are printing patterns on the skirt, more added a few minutes of women’s elegant beauty, let peers envy ah!Maha is absolutely in love with Suthida, Posting 15 photos of P poster, dignified fashion fashionable Thai!To be honest, the queen is still suitable for fashion, and Concubine Senina is more suitable for traditional Thai clothes. If they wear Thai clothes or dress at the same time, it is quite clear who is better, after all, temperament is put here!Pictures from the network, if any infringement, please contact the platform or the author to delete