This year yuyao state-owned enterprises net assets strive to 200 billion yuan

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The original title: from the capital market become bigger and stronger (teasers) yuyao net assets scale state-owned enterprises strive to 200 billion yuan this year (topic) ningbo daily news Recently, yuyao strategic emerging industry funds for national power investment group, hand in hand, jointly set up $1 billion yuan “carbon neutral” industry of fund, the project has entered the stage of actual negotiation operation.This is an epitome of yuyao state-owned enterprises making use of the capital market to become bigger and stronger and improve the quality of assets.According to the three-level management structure of state-owned assets and the operation mode of the group, Yuyao has promoted the integration and reorganization of state-owned capital and city-owned enterprises with similar industries, related industries and the same main business.Yuyao Shuncai Investment Holding Co., LTD., as a centralized and unified investment platform for local state-owned enterprises, invested to set up a strategic emerging industry mother fund with a total scale of 10 billion yuan in September last year, and set up several industrial sub-funds.The fund aims to attract domestic capital from the head industry to invest in Yuyao, radiate and invest in China’s high-quality industrial resources and enterprises, and at the same time build a nest to attract wind and fund investment, so as to lay a stronger capital base and industrial chain accumulation for the long-term development of yuyao strategic emerging industries.At present, the first phase of the fund has completed industrial and commercial registration and association filing.”This year, we will vigorously expand the business sector, actively develop mixed reform projects, optimize the allocation of state-owned capital, strive to yuyao state-owned enterprises net assets reach 200 billion yuan, mother fund investment has achieved obvious results.”Yuyao State Assets Office related person in charge.It is understood that under the premise of controllable risks, relevant departments have the following specific measures: deepen the reform of state-owned assets and state-owned enterprises, make stronger, better and bigger assets.Continue to optimize the layout structure of state capital, through the integration and asset injection of Zhongyi Holding Company and Qianwan Development Company, further expand Yuyao State capital investment platform Jinrui Asset Management Company;In accordance with the principle of “injecting a batch, modifying a batch, and disposing a batch”, we will continue to sort out and revitalize effective assets, gradually injecting government-operated assets such as mines, coastal tideland and forest farms into State-Owned enterprises, and effectively increase the concentration of state-owned assets.We will increase capital operation to boost local economic development.Make good use of the newly established Yuyao Strategic emerging industry mother Fund (limited partnership), introduce a batch of high-quality enterprises with strong strength and great development potential through the mode of “investment promotion of mother and child fund”, and strengthen the operation of state-owned capital in the capital market.Continue to strengthen the construction of state-owned credit rating, focus on broadening financing channels, and strive to appraise 1 2A^+ enterprises this year, to provide financial guarantee for the construction of major state-owned projects in Yuyao city.Actively build a new industrial sector, start planning to participate in the investment of photovoltaic power generation projects.(Reporter Yang Xuzhong correspondent Lu Fang)