“Zero tolerance” to crack down on the production and sale of counterfeit goods in accordance with the law

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For many years “the prohibition of counterfeit goods behavior” hugeness, combined with our county’s current special governance actions, nanan town high car village party branch and give full play to the party member’s cutting edge exemplary role of party organizations fighting forts, adhere to the party to strengthen leading and MoPai fine dig deep roots, promote force department linkage, strong publicity and create atmosphere and zero tolerance jolt,We will build a firewall against the production and sale of counterfeit goods.We will give priority to party building.”Enhance party spirit consciousness, strengthen the fighting fort, creating an environment of law-abiding” “party +” activities, in order to “five to five don’t forget to polish mission to awaken the consciousness of the party spirit, his mind with” bright identity as leverage “bright bright party member’s identity, enhance the consciousness of the pioneer, to carry out the” six “play a role of party members, enhance service awareness, and according to the group established the party members’ vanguard, party member XianFengGang,Liaison officers for Party construction will be dispatched to key enterprises and areas, and 10 households will be joined by one Party member in the “Double associations and four gangs”, so as to establish a full-coverage supervision network system in which party members lead the participation of the whole people. Party members will be at the forefront of the battle, and the Party flag will fly at the forefront of the fight against the production and sale of counterfeit goods.Grasp the bottom position and advance.Bottom check – under the strong support of Nan ‘an Town, mobilize and organize more than 100 party members and cadres of town organs, surrounding villages and gaoche village to promote comprehensive grid survey, check door by door and sign a letter of notice against counterfeiting and not participating in counterfeiting.Wall map operation — On the basis of mapping and platoon, the town and village backbone forces were selected to draw the distribution map of enterprises, small workshops, breeding farms and key households in Gaoche Village. Grid mapping was carried out on the wall, with regular full coverage of mapping and platoon real-time update and scheduling, and the work progress was visualized.Mechanism department linkage.Established at Southampton town of sinking, police station, market management, traffic police brigade multi-sectoral participation mechanism of cooperative engagement, such as multi-sectoral joint team into the village house visiting survey, “understand” project “the specialist unattended for suspicious vehicle screen screenshots handed over to the public security department, the town of comprehensive had and occasional patrol police station key sections, key areas,Multiple departments jointly stop and inspect vehicles around gaoche Village and main road sections, forming horizontal cooperation and vertical linkage to crack down on counterfeit production and sale work pattern.The force sinks to enhance the grass-roots fighting capacity, the deputy director of the Public Security Bureau led the team of Bao Zhen, the deputy director of the market administration Bureau of Bao Lian sank into the village, the mayor of nan ‘an town as the first secretary of the village, the director of the party branch as the first deputy secretary, the county department and township forward command, enhance the frontline combat force, to carry out a comprehensive crackdown on counterfeit sales work.A case of double investigation to dig the source, concentrated on investigating the production and sale of counterfeit cases, “starting from the causes behind a bottle of counterfeit wine”, a comprehensive sorting and backward investigation, trace the production of packaging, raw and auxiliary materials providers and their behind-the-scenes “umbrella”, direct at the source of counterfeiting, from the source to crack down on the production and sale of counterfeit interest chain.Grasp the atmosphere of mass prevention and treatment.We will open up channels for receiving reports, open channels for reporting in various ways, clarify reward mechanisms, make public the phone numbers, wechat accounts and email addresses of all reports, expand the source of discovery, and ensure that all complaints and cases are answered and investigated.To strengthen the publicity guide, using loudspeakers, publicity column, WeChat group, such as vehicle platform, by playing the laws and regulations, propaganda typical cases, convey the policy requirements, distribute the flyer (copies), and other measures, promoting village and household, crack down on the production and sale of counterfeit goods propaganda to build the whole people to participate in an atmosphere of crack down on the production and sale of counterfeit goods, build materialize anti-counterfeiting united front.Photo and text: Shi Ke, Nan ‘an Town