Beijing Opera actress Wang Mengting production, Guo Degang suspected illegitimate father, the woman quickly responded to the private letter

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Hungry?Click right to follow us and bring you the latest hardcore entertainment every day!On February 2, a man named “play station” of the public, published a paper entitled “guo degang melon”, revealed the Peking Opera actors Wang Mengting gave birth to a daughter in January, and this article said although there is no tooling father is who, had improved Wang Mengting has affair with guo degang, pointing to the man have a bastard, the article quickly spread on the Internet triggered heated debate.The news also revealed many details, said Wang Mengting gave birth to a daughter, asked colleagues to help take care of sister-in-law, move very carefully.Then he changed his story and revealed that Wang Mengting had a very close relationship with deyun Society. The woman often sang in Sanqing Garden and even controlled the financial power of the theater. Moreover, she lived a luxurious life, driving a Mercedes G and owning a house on the second Ring Road in Beijing.Shortly after the article was published, the woman concerned warned the official account in a private message, saying that the article was a malicious fabrication of false information and limiting the other party to delete the article within 24 hours, or they will Sue.The account was quick to delete the original post, but wrote a cryptic response to Wang mengting, saying it “respects Miss Wang’s opinions both true and false” and ending by wishing her child “healthy growth.”Wang Mengting is a famous Peking Opera actor of the new generation. She was taught by The Peking Opera artist Sun Yumin. She is now a member of the Mei Lanfang Peking Opera Troupe of Beijing Peking Opera Theater.Her relationship with Guo began when Wang mengting was invited to perform on the first anniversary of Deyun Society, and the two have been working together for a long time.However, their relationship is more intimate than normal. Photos of wang mengting and Guo degang circulating on the Internet show them very close, including head-to-head photos, arm in arm photos, and a Peking Opera back-stage photo of the two holding hands.Now it has been revealed that the two are having a more intimate relationship and even fathered a child out of wedlock. The woman’s swift response has minimized the fallout, but there has been much speculation.Some netizens don’t understand why Wang mengting asked the other party to delete the private letter instead of directly sending a lawyer’s letter to refute the rumor.Sensitive Internet users also linked guo’s cancellation of the Spring Festival Gala to the scandal, speculating that his shows on two TV channels were deleted because of rumors about his illegitimate child.So far, Guo degang’s side has not responded to the news. What do you think of it?# Guo Degang gossip #, # Wang Mengting #, # Deyunshe # author: Du Kangjun Rector: Xiaochongshan