Geological and Mineral Technology Center of the Fourth Exploration Team of Shandong Coal Geology Bureau organized the departmental economic analysis meeting in the first quarter of 2022

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Qilu network · Lightning news on April 9, recently, shandong province coal geology bureau fourth exploration team geology and mineral technology center organized the first quarter department economic analysis meeting, review the first quarter work, summarize experience, find the problem, analyze the cause, formulate countermeasures.Ren Enming, member of the party Committee and vice captain of the team will guide and speak at the meeting.The meeting reported the center in the first quarter of the project contracting, business income, expenses and income operation.Participants made an in-depth analysis of the achievement of the target, discussed and exchanged the existing problems, and studied and formulated the next step measures centering on market development, cost control, project management, performance allocation and other work.For the future work, Ren Enming requirements, one is to strengthen political leadership, to create a good atmosphere for entrepreneurship.We will give full play to the guiding role of Party building, and make officials more enthusiastic about entrepreneurship and courageous to take responsibility.The leading group and technical backbones should firmly establish the idea of “the whole team is a game of chess, the whole body is of one mind”, take the lead in setting an example, carry out in-depth and meticulous ideological and political work, and fully stimulate the enthusiasm and initiative of cadres and workers.Second, we should be goal-oriented, identify weak links and implement them.Pay close attention to the goals and tasks set at the beginning of the year, control the time nodes according to the division of responsibilities, reverse the construction period, wall chart operation, and ensure that the annual goals and tasks are completed on time and in full.We need to focus on weak spots and take targeted measures to address problems and deficiencies in the course of development.We should constantly improve project service capabilities, expand market service areas and foster more economic growth points.Third, improve work measures to ensure work effectiveness.To increase the strength of receivables recovery, further compaction of responsibility, do one debt policy, make good collection goals and tasks and work plans.We should strengthen the function of assessment and incentive, further improve the relevant systems, and strive to achieve actual results.We should establish a mechanism for discussion and exchange of key work, further standardize contract management, financial management, project management and so on, and improve the level of business development.The center party branch members, team members, team leader attended the meeting.Lightning news reporter correspondent Liu Xiaoqing Shandong coal geology bureau fourth exploration team type political report