How about the price of shaanxi vegetables after the Spring Festival?Straight!

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Sanqin City Daily – Qin Wenxun (reporter Shi Yuhan intern Hu Qian sui Yujia) vegetable prices have been the focus of People’s Daily life.After the Spring Festival holiday, most people have started to return to work. How is the “vegetable basket” situation in Xi ‘an market?On February 9, the reporter carried out the interview.”Boss, how much are tomatoes?””Now it’s six yuan a catty.””It seems a little cheaper than a year ago. Here, give me a plastic bag.”Early in the morning, the reporter went to yanta District after village vegetable wholesale market to see that vegetables, meat, eggs, fruits and other supplies are sufficient.The fresh vegetables were neatly arranged together, a dazzling sight.”I didn’t pay much attention to the unit price,” said Wang Fang as she picked out vegetables. “But when the Chinese New Year was coming, one trip cost 200 to 300 yuan. Now this big bag costs 170 yuan.The variety and quantity are the same as last year, so it should be a little cheaper.””Some time ago, I bought a lot of durable food and didn’t finish eating it. Today, I came out to buy some side dishes and quickly destroyed the inventory at home.”Next to aunt Li heard after the reporter said.Subsequently, the reporter came to yanta district science and technology road of China Embellish vanguard.As it was noon, there were not many people in the supermarket. There were twos and threes of citizens pushing their shopping carts to pick up vegetables.In the vegetable section, vegetables are neatly laid out with price lists, supplemented by trolleys of fresh food from the warehouse.Look carefully at the price, potato 2.58/ jin, Shanghai green 4.99 yuan/jin, lotus root, tomato, carrot 5.99/ jin, balsam pear 12.99/ jin……A supermarket worker said: “Some dishes today are cheaper than yesterday.”How are prices compared to years ago?”Most vegetables have gone down, but some haven’t changed much.”Compared with “mainland food”, the price of green leafy vegetables is 5 yuan to 12 yuan per catty.For example, local chrysanthemum chrysanthemum costs 10.8 yuan per jin and spinach costs 5.58 yuan per jin.In yanta area square circle shopping center negative first floor of everyone happy boutique supermarket, the reporter saw, the price of vegetables in this supermarket compared to China embellish ten thousand slightly different.After checking one by one, I found that most of the prices were flat, and some vegetables, including potatoes, were being promoted at only 50 cents per catty.In the interview, everyone said that during the Spring Festival, the family stocked up a lot of vegetables, and went to the supermarket to choose some delicate dishes.According to the shaanxi Provincial Department of Commerce, compared with before the Spring Festival, the average retail prices of 11 categories of daily necessities in the province showed a trend of “seven up, three down and one level”. The average retail prices of 30 kinds of vegetables were the same as before the Festival, and the average wholesale prices decreased by 6.82%, falling for 7 consecutive days.The average retail price of pork dropped 0.23% and the average wholesale price dropped 3.03%, falling for three consecutive days.The average wholesale price of grain dropped 1.4%, the wholesale price of eggs dropped 6.45%, the average retail price of aquatic products rose 2.13%, and the average wholesale price rose 5.99%. The average retail price of other necessities fluctuated within ±1%.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: