The elephant is dancing again, and China Mobile’s user growth is accelerating again

2022-06-10 0 By

China Unicom released its January subscriber numbers, showing a positive net increase in mobile subscribers, but China Mobile clearly outperformed it, adding tens of times more subscribers, and it looks like China Mobile is dancing the elephant again in the New Year.Data released by China Mobile shows that the number of net mobile subscribers in January this year was 4.497 million, reaching 961 million, a significant increase of dozens of times compared with 109,000 in December last year.The number of 5G package users reached 401 million, a net increase of 14.19 million compared with 38,681 in December last year. The net increase of 5G package users was much higher than 12.421 million in December last year.In December 2021, China Mobile maintained its lead in net additions of 5G subscribers, but its net additions lagged behind China Telecom, which added 490,000 mobile subscribers, while China Unicom lost 225,000.In the operator market, China Unicom has been increasingly marginalized, its mobile users, 5G users, fixed broadband users have fallen behind the other two operators, the operator market has become China Mobile and China Telecom.In the past two or three years, China Telecom has maintained a competitive advantage over China Mobile in the market of new users and gradually shortened the gap with China Mobile. Industry insiders generally believe that only China Telecom has the strength to compete with China Mobile, so they have launched fierce competition in the market of new users and 5G users.The idea of elephant dancing is the strategy put forward by China Mobile under the leadership of Wang Jianzhou in the face of China Unicom, which has the advantage of 3G technology. At that time, China Mobile got the most immature TD-SCDMA technology, while China Unicom got the most mature WCDMA technology, and the industry is generally not optimistic about China Mobile.When China Mobile got TD-SCDMA technology, there was no tD-SCDMA chip with mature technology, and most mobile phone enterprises did not support TD-SCDMA. Domestic mobile phone brands such as OPPO, Vivo and Meizu did not decide to support TD-SCDMA phones until the second half of 2012.It shows how difficult China Mobile was facing at that time.Therefore, China Mobile, on the one hand, took out 650 million funds to support TD-SCDMA chip industry, on the other hand, proposed to rebuild a GSM network to cover the excellent EDGE against China Unicom’s WCDMA;It happened that China Unicom also made a wrong strategy, it tried to build WCDMA into a high-end brand again, only WCDMA coverage of urban areas.As a result, From 2009 to 2013, China Mobile added more than 300 million net mobile subscribers, which is equivalent to the net additions of China Unicom and China Telecom combined, thus winning the 3G era.In the 5G era, there is no difference between the three operators in terms of technology. On the contrary, In the second half of last year, China Mobile obtained 700MHz golden frequency band through cooperation with China Radio and Television. With the advantage of 700MHz coverage, China Mobile has built 700MHz 5G network in a large scale.Together with the existing high-frequency 5G base stations, the company has gained a leading edge in 5G network coverage.Having regained its lead in network coverage, China Mobile may thus have gained a competitive edge over the other two operators in the market for new subscribers, thus accelerating again in the market for new subscribers and crushing the other two rivals.In the face of China mobile in 5 g network coverage lead, operators in the market competitive advantage is poised to move to China mobile will tilt, it makes China telecom and China unicom nasty in the heart, and the recent news refers to China mobile and China telecom and China unicom is expected to lease China radio and television network of 700 MHZ 5 g to shorten 5 g network coverage of disadvantage,After all, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology does not want the already dominant China Mobile to expand its lead again.