Vote by example!Ten advanced models from Changsha were shortlisted for “Four 100”

2022-06-10 0 By

Changsha Evening News On February 17 (all media reporter Kuang Chunlin) to vote!According to the municipal Civilization Office on Monday, the 2021 “Four 100” advanced typical publicity campaign has begun.There are 10 typical shortlisted candidates in Changsha, from February 17 to February 26, citizens and netizens are welcome to vote for your typical role models.Yang Decai, “Good Man of China” and “Moral model of Hunan Province”, has been shortlisted as “the most beautiful Volunteer” in 2021 “Four 100” Advanced Typical publicity campaign.24 years ago, Yang decai lost his sight in a car accident, but he overcame the pain of blindness and illness with amazing perseverance. Over the past 24 years, he has devoted himself to helping the weak and contributing to society. He has participated in more than 110,000 volunteer hours and benefited more than 170,000 people.State Grid Changsha Power Supply Company Dongfanghong (electric Leifeng) Communist Party member service team, Hunan Leifeng Memorial Hall Zhengxing School Leifeng volunteer Service Center, Hunan Children’s Hospital volunteer service team, Hunan People’s Hospital volunteer service team shortlisted for “the most beautiful volunteer service organization”.State Grid Changsha Power Supply Company Dongfanghong (Electric Leifeng) Communist Party Member Service team has set up 22 teams in 8 categories, such as voluntary electricity protection, safe and environmental protection knowledge publicity, helping the weak, helping the poor and rescuing the needy, carrying out 4,563 activities and serving more than 23,000 people.Hunan Lei Feng Memorial Hall Zhengxing School Lei Feng Volunteer Service Center since its establishment, a total of 1842 volunteer service activities, volunteer service up to 56,485 hours.With the purpose of offering love, caring for patients and serving the masses, the volunteer service team of Hunan Children’s Hospital has carried out the “Smiling Angel Trip to Tibet” to care for children with cleft lip and palate for five consecutive years in Tibet, and has helped the blind children in Changsha special education schools for 16 years.The volunteer service team of Hunan Provincial People’s Hospital takes part in the volunteer service activities of Learning from Lei Feng about 20,000 times a year, and provides more than 300,000 hours of volunteer service annually.”Flying against the Wind · True Orphan Peer Program” and Tongxin Farm of Changsha Shangshan Disabled Service Center were shortlisted for “Best Volunteer Service Project”.Chaoyang Community of Huaichuan Street, Liuyang City, Xuetangpo Community of Tangerzhou Street, Yuelu District, and Yangjiashan Community of Hehuayuan Street, Furong District have been shortlisted for the “most beautiful volunteer Service Community”.The municipal Civilization Office reminded that the 2021 national Learning Lei Feng volunteer service “four 100” advanced typical publicity and selection activities in learning power PC set up a special page, the candidate list for centralized display, accept the supervision of the masses.Citizens and netizens can like, vote and supervise through the Learning Powerful Country APP.