Figured it out?Du Xinzhi live said the house to grandson Kai Kai, regret giving birth to his own flesh and blood Yao Ce

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Du Xinzhi, this is really a very controversial figure.Du Xinzhi is actually a pitiful person in 28 years’ wrong life changing event.One’s own flesh and blood Yao Ce has passed away, to say Du Xinzhi couple but always care about yao Ce’s death, perhaps will take the initiative to donate liver to Yao Ce, but unfortunately Du Xinzhi couple do not care about yao Ce’s life and death, can only be said to son Yao Ce did not have a little feelings.It is well known that xiong Lei and Xu Min have a real estate dispute in Jiujiang, and people wonder if Old Du will leave the house to his grandson Kai Kai.After all, Du Xinzhi couple apart from Yao Ce, only a life can not take care of the silly daughter, so Yao Ce has died, now the only family member actually left grandson Kai Kai.Du xinzhi and his wife chose to spend the Spring Festival with their daughter-in-law xiong Lei this year.After returning to Henan, du xinzhi and his wife took their grandson Kai Kai with them.It is reported that as soon as Kai Kai arrived, he asked who owned the house, and Lao Du admitted that it belonged to Kai Kai in front of many people. It seems that Du Xinzhi has figured it out and intends to leave the house to Kai Kai?In a recent live broadcast, Du xinzhi also said that she really wanted a healthy baby, but du’s words did make some people feel confused and regret giving birth to yao Ce.At present, there is no final result of the 28 events. It is very important to know whether it is a wrong change or a stolen change.In order to find the truth, Uncle Kaifeng can be said to pay the price of the accidental death of relatives, in the statement of uncle Kaifeng, have said the death of his wife and daughter, with 28 events have a close relationship!Du Xinzhi, who was super active when Yao Ce was alive, always said he was sick, but he could run around. Even a healthy person, it seemed that it was difficult to be as energetic as Lao Du!All say that parents are basically love their children, since liu Xuezhou things happened after, just know that not all parents love their children, zhou Zhou has passed away, we also hope liu Xuezhou’s biological parents and network violence people bear the price!There must be a demon, always feel that there will be an accident, the last time Old Du Tui net, kaifeng aunt had an accident.The Xu family wants a few more tendons, that is like the civil talk casually change lane.?A baby can be 14, 15, 16, 14 head, 15 body, 16 legs?…Listen to it every day to earn flow money no bottom line Hu…Kai Kai this child strange let a person distressed, father is gone, grandpa grandma and people fight for the house fever, influenced by the family, small heart know how important the house is.Do you think Lao Du will really give the house to Kai Kai?