Love, in the epidemic

2022-06-11 0 By

At present, some people are wearing “guard white” and walking in the opposite direction regardless of rain or shine.Some people highlight the “Party building red”, set an example and work together to overcome difficulties;Some people stick to the “grid blue”, silently pay, guard with love.The sudden outbreak of “again” messed up our study and life, schools, the children at home online course, worry that children learn to delay because of the family condition, in pingyi county LiuYu Town first full-time basis grid member Zhang Lingling period village go to zhao mou’s home, see two people in class, for two brothers are not a grade, not class at the same time, need two smart phones,In order not to affect the children’s study, grid staff find an old mobile phone for the children to use at home, help children in class, study, help homework.Peng is a lotus LiuYu Town village based grid of old people who live alone, the first period, 86 – year – old son daughter-in-law years later went to Shanghai to work, recently, the old man seat in MoPai in Shanghai outbreak nervous right now, the old man suddenly feel feel uncomfortable, grid member Zhang Lingling to help the old man called his son’s phone number, through communication, because of the outbreak, factories,The old man wants to let his sons go home, and learned that now for the sake of safety is not recommended to return home, her daughter in Jinan can not come back, the old man is very anxious.Grid member Zhang Lingling added the elderly children’s wechat, let them every day to report a safe, good let the elderly rest assured, let them video every three or five, the elderly heart relieved a lot, and help the elderly to buy rice, noodles, vegetables and other daily necessities, but also let the elderly children outside can feel at ease.Small love often, love forever, the epidemic ruthless, there is love in the world.Love, in the epidemic, waiting for spring flowers, enjoy the world April days.