Practice is the only path to real knowledge

2022-06-11 0 By

Practice is the sole criterion for testing truth. Chairman MAO once said, “No investigation, no right to speak”.Only when you experience it yourself can you know what it is and what it is.We should not trust the judgment and decision of others, after all, philosophy can be wrong sometimes.Regardless of any decision, we must pass the test of practice before making a final decision.In this way, you won’t let yourself make mistakes, nor will you mislead others into cognitive mistakes.Although our life has to go to load their own heavy life, but it is really an urgent journey.Only when the current pace is steady, will there be a transformation and perfect presentation.Only with the guidance of real knowledge and the company of practical experience can the record of our life be truly complete and complete.Don’t be blind to the so-called judgment and opinion of others, let alone ignore the eternal value and practical guidance of practice.All the condensation of our human wisdom is also after the test of practice.Only then has realized the brilliant social value, and has presented in the eternal social development process.On the way forward, we can’t be eager for quick success and instant benefits, but we can’t aim high, and forget to stabilize the path under our feet.In order to achieve the journey of life without worries and potential risks, we must learn from practice.Learn to respect their own time and energy, but also cherish the value of their own life.In this way we can keep our inner piety and guard our every step of life.When we are able to face our life record with such a mature attitude, we will certainly win our own satisfactory and happy life ending in the process of integrating with practice.Because of enough piety and hard work, we will understand a deeper life truth.Will also sharpen in the reality, get real growth and transformation.We should strive to be the ones who gain insights from practice and contribute to society a truly usable guiding principle.Instead of wasting your time and your energy and your time, running away with the existence of false conclusions.We should try our best to make ourselves shine on the road of self-advancement and give out our wonderful life.