Public service advertising to do public chopsticks and spoons equipped in place

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Public service advertisements promoting the use of chopsticks and spoons are posted in the restaurant.Reporter Cui Yin photograph “meal spacing 1.5 meters, cough and sneeze to cover the mouth, public chopsticks and spoons with good, raw game refuse to accept”, this is posted in many restaurants in the eastern new city by yinzhou district catering and cooking industry association issued restaurant hall food behavior guidelines.At noon yesterday, when the reporter visited the cultural square part of the restaurant, a door was attracted by these public slogans.Chinese people are still eager to eat out after the Spring Festival holiday, but are restaurants equipped with serving chopsticks and spoons, as the guidelines call for?What about customer usage?Walking around the cultural Square, you can see that in addition to the high red lanterns, there are many new blue and white flags advocating the use of public chopsticks and refuse to waste, proposing the “clean plate action,” on which a pair of public chopsticks and a public spoon are printed.Although it is a working day, it is still raining, but it does not affect the old ningbo restaurant – MAO hotel business.At 11:30 a.m., the restaurant is already more than half full. Tables on the first floor are mainly for 4 people, but also for 6-8 people. Each table is equipped with a pair of serving chopsticks and a spoon.There are 16 boxes on the second floor, mainly round tables for 8-10 people.”We have company dinners and family dinners. We always have serving chopsticks and spoons before serving food.But to be honest, family dinner guests don’t use it much.”In general, the use of chopsticks and spoons is higher downstairs than upstairs.”Restaurant trainer Gao Qiang told reporters.As with private chopsticks, the restaurant disinfected both serving chopsticks and spoons twice a day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon, to ensure hygiene.Specially set up the public chopsticks public spoon from the area then, the reporter visited the northwest floor restaurant nearby.As an Internet celebrity restaurant in Ningbo, there are many customers here.According to the requirements of the restaurant, posted a variety of public service advertisements to promote the use of public chopsticks and spoons, such as the municipal civilization Office, the municipal Market supervision Bureau, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, jointly issued by the “Ningbo City” civilized dining guide eight “service, respectively from the meal before, during and after the meal three aspects of civilized dining habits.Restaurant staff told reporters that before customers eat, they will put a pair of chopsticks and spoon on each table for customers to use.”We also set up self-service areas for chopsticks and spoons on the first floor and the second floor respectively, so customers can take them nearby as long as they need them.”The staff said.In addition, most of the other restaurants in the cultural square are equipped with public chopsticks and spoons, and the public service advertising is basically in place, but the usage rate of customers is still to be improved.The reporter Zhu Lin