Shijiazhuang No. 9 Middle School high school students to investigate the cultural life of their hometown

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Hometown (community) is not only a place to live, but also a place of cultural influence.What is the cultural life like in your hometown (community)?Are there all the cultural facilities?Are the cultural traditions still popular there?…In order to guide students to pay attention to and participate in contemporary cultural life, learn to analyze and evaluate cultural phenomena, actively participate in the dissemination and exchange of socialist advanced culture with Chinese characteristics, and enhance their cultural confidence, shijiazhuang No.9 Middle School organized senior high school students to carry out a cultural life survey in their hometown (community) during the winter vacation.In the activity, students of each class formed groups by themselves, and discussed the survey objects (characters, style), made interview records, and determined the theme of the survey.After that, the students spent the weekend visiting hebei Museum, Zhao Tuo Park, Chang ‘an Park and other large and medium-sized parks in Shijiazhuang, and some groups visited zhengding Buddha Temple, Rongguo Mansion, Zhaozhou Bridge and other scenic spots and historic sites around Shijiazhuang.Students not only took a lot of unique scenery photos, but also recorded beautiful videos.Students have said that through this activity to realize, originally his hometown (community), so the original shijiazhuang culture is so rich, also said the elderly home through interviews more clearly felt the shijiazhuang nearly 30 years of change, shijiazhuang, day more blue, the water cleaner, more perfect infrastructure, people are more civilized!Students not only saw the rapid changes of their hometown, but also found some aspects to be solved, such as some outdated infrastructure needs to be updated, some historic monuments and archways need to be protected and repaired, some hometown food needs to change the way of selling…Students in the investigation report suggestions, put forward their valuable opinions!Understanding the culture of hometown and participating in the cultural construction of hometown are the extension of Chinese learning to extracurricular activities. Through this activity, students exercised their communication skills, improved their writing ability, enriched their understanding of hometown culture and enhanced their pride in hometown culture.