The Lakers fell short!Klay led the Warriors to a comeback. Maybe Lebron was tired

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The Warriors will host the Lakers in one of the NBA’s biggest regular-season matchups on Feb. 13, though the lakers’ record may not match their name recognition.The Warriors were second in the Western Conference at 41-15 and the lakers were ninth at 26-30.Throughout the game, the two teams tugged and tugged, with the Warriors leading by as much as 15 points and several double-digit leads forced back by the Lakers, who played tough.Beginning the second half of the third quarter, the lakers bench tucker and monk stood up, and lead to complete overhaul after the lakers firmly grasp the initiative, the final moments, clay and wiggins straight into three points to complete reversal, and old zhan made three fouls in the Treasury, at the last minute after the first missed a penalty, the third penalty miss, also grab offensive rebounds, three points while the iron is hot!The Warriors beat the Lakers 117-115, and the lakers fell short.For the Lakers, James had 26 points, 15 rebounds, eight assists and four turnovers, Davis had 16 points, seven rebounds and four assists, Westbrook had 19 points, seven rebounds and five assists, Tucker had 17 points, seven rebounds and three assists, Reeves had 13 points and Monk had 12 points and three rebounds.For the Warriors, Klay had 33 points and five rebounds, Curry 24 points, five rebounds and eight assists, Kuminga 18 points and nine rebounds, Wiggins 19 points and five rebounds, and Poole 11 points and four assists.The lakers said before the game that Howard could play today, and Vogel changed the lineup, pairing Bradley and Johnson with the big three.One thing is for sure, when westbrook is no longer playing the role of playmaker, he is very good in the kind of games that require him to play. It’s fair to say that the Warriors really didn’t limit westbrook today. Westbrook’s shots really made the Warriors uncomfortable.And in the third quarter, when the Warriors opened the gap again, it was Westbrook, with an assist for Davis to draw a foul and a transition assist for Monk to make a layup, westbrook was perfect today.In addition, tucker, who has been abandoned by the Lakers, also played very efficient today, in fact, tucker is a certain ball holding threat if his playing time and lebron James are separated, and in the lakers’ linkups, Tucker plays the role of chasing Poole, now the Lakers are someone, it depends on how Vogel uses.But there’s one thing the lakers have missed, and that’s Davis.Davis played 35 minutes today, 13 in 5 to 16 points, to be honest, it is not his normal levels, but Davis from the first section is played very afflictive, the warriors with loonie ongoing pick-and-roll, depending on whether or not to come out, Davis, Davis, the lakers inside a piece of open ground, he didn’t come out, the warriors perimeter is open to three-point shots.When Davis goes out, the lakers lose their inside defense, so why not go to Howard to protect the rebound?Ariza really doesn’t work, and even if lebron goes to the fifth, lebron can’t say he’s going to fight every possession, so the lakers keep digging holes for themselves and filling them with their offensive play.In su Qun’s words: the Lakers lineup arrangement is too rigid.In addition, congratulations to Lebron James, 9 for 27, not very efficient, including today’s 26 points, his career total reached 44,157, officially surpassed Kareem abdul-Jabbar’s 44,149 points, to rise to the first in NBA history!Surprisingly, lebron had a team-high 26 points but a team-low -11.This actually watched the game fans should understand, because James to bring cohesion, trevor ariza, rivers, tuck a few and old partner zhan, the lakers’ offense, defensive end height is insufficient, not inside to protect the box, but there are always a person to stand up and lead, either James or less + Davis, obviously, the combination of wei less + Davis,Inside and out, with James leading the team on his own, it’s true that he keeps losing points.Lebron wasn’t contributing enough at the end of the game, missed free throws, missed putbacks, and that unnecessary foul. Maybe he was tired.The lakers led by six points in the final five minutes of the game, but they couldn’t play after four unreasonable 3-pointers from Klay and Wiggins.To be honest, the lakers did lack energy in the fourth quarter, from James to Davis, including missed putbacks at the basket, missed shots on the perimeter, missed free throws at the last minute, missed a 3-pointer at the buzzer!James won’t help the lakers much if he can maintain that offensive efficiency. Vogel will have to free Davis on defense as soon as possible, and that could be done by adding 15 minutes to Howard’s game.I can see westbrook’s performance is improving without the psychological pressure of leaving the team, tucker’s confidence is also improving, but now it’s James and Davis who need to match more energy, including Vogel, really need to give Howard some playing time, otherwise Davis will be too tired.