Athletes in the winter Olympic village crazy clock!Netizen: America came late, live not less whole

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Video footage of the Olympic village, which has been opened in Beijing for the first time since the start of the Winter Olympic Games, has become popular.The luge, somerset, cloth, toru shoot video to share with their fans in the mood of his stay in the Olympic village in being asked if she is the bed was paper minutes.he excitedly played a games village in Beijing to “show” smart bed she got out of bed with the remote control operation while introduces the mattress has eight button on the remote control can press the button to adjust into various Angle position and posture evenHave “zero gravity model” to make the athlete in astonishment call dream according to the Beijing games village can bed is equipped with a regulating function in different scenarios such as sleeping posture, sitting position to provide appropriate support for the spine memory cotton material mattress using built-in sensors can achieve massage, zero pressure alarm clock wake the function such as setting the alarm clock bed in setting time automatically after landing once intelligent recognition to ZZZ bed alsoCan adjust the height of the head to alleviate snoring athletes beds with extended bed demand also found a place for the end of the bed stool makes the whole length of the bed can achieve 2.2 meters to 2.4 meters provide athletes with a comfortable bed just this year’s Beijing games organizers for the athletes of the many surprises a smart bed is just part of the athletes in the room is very small impression of science and technology is the winter gamesHumanistic care to moderate log tonal give priority to the games village room is capacious and bright clean also provide the athletes with enough space of the room the bathroom was very spacious and to facilitate the paralympic athletes also installed plenty of barrier-free facilities in kazakhstan athletes when recording video log to happy zone walking up and down the camera for you to look at their training workJapanese athletes echoed the sentiment: “The room is so big!A nice big warm bed! ‘In the bedroom, the Organizing committee of the Olympic Games prepared daily necessities for each athlete, which also includes an ice block block throw pillow small blanket open is a blanket closed is ice block block throw pillow!Bing Dwen Dwen pillow has almost become the most popular star in the video log of foreign athletes. Polish athletes also praised the pillow: “Clever design!”Also for the Beijing Olympics thoughtful arrangements “thumb up” and the figure skaters from the Czech republic Natalie she recently also on social media released a Natalie thanks to the Beijing games are video log in her living room environment and inside of the games are small gift but also for their regrets: “thank you super (bocog) prepared so many things for us!Too excited to speak!”At the same time,Video can also be seen in her to the Beijing games mascot “ice mound mound” love “I have been waiting for this little guy” netizens reaction fine “proud to bring a small tsundere” rigorous and meticulous “Chinese flavor” and under the background of epidemic prevention and control of the Beijing organizing committee for the games organizing committee is not in the restaurant entrance athletes take food streamline, plate recovery key points are put masksAlcohol, gloves, cotton slice and free goods such as hand washing disinfectant athletes after the door is equipped with intelligent insulation cupboard implementers shunt dining restaurant on each floor also has aseptic instrument human-computer separation space to reduce staff contact with many lives in China’s foreign video bloggers have also explore pavilion Beijing Olympics attracted a wave fancy thumb up a Japanese player with everybody went to see the most care about most entered the restaurantDoor first disinfection take food or touch all things to wear plastic gloves before water, beverage, ice cream, coffee supply looks delicious food can also meet the demand of athletes of various includes no wheat bran food especially popular in recent years, also ensure that all dishes are ingredient labels can let athletes more safely choose the energy they need,Beijing, yanqing, zhangjiakou in catering service standard time and contents of the three games village set up unified restaurant dining tables, dining tables and Asia world Chinese dining tables, Ming archives, halal meals pizza and pasta salad bar counter and spice fresh fruit, bread and desserts such as 12 kinds of counter offer dishes from around the world every day about 200 out of a total of 678 for countriesMobilization consumption per 8 days for a cycle rotation to satisfy different tastes, different religion specific dietary requirements make athletes feel fully the enthusiasm and hospitality of the Chinese way but the most striking to the athletes in smart restaurants in order to serve robot with the good dishes after cooking can invite also can wait and ice cream dishes from the robot machine bends its eye is super cute smileThere are also super professional robot masters and high-tech robots everywhere in the bar, and they even patiently remind everyone to pay attention to epidemic prevention. The athletes who are recording video logs say hello to the robot, smiling, “Please pay attention to wearing masks!”The food is safe and reliable, the service is meticulous and thoughtful, “The City of Double Olympics”, Beijing is full of sincerity and confidence, for athletes from all over the world, what they eat is at ease and feel is the heart. This thick human flavor is the “Chinese taste” of openness, inclusiveness, rigorous and meticulous!Entertainment facilities, full of beautiful things in the traditional culture into the games village this time because the outbreak the winter Olympics in closed loop management mode to prevent contact athletes and citizens from cross infection so the games are entertainment in the village is also much more special athletes in the United States are followed entertainment video learning Chinese kung fu and white crane spreads its wings together as the Spring Festival coming NianWeiEr games related facilities are moreGrows to athletes through the concept of the Spring Festival also feel Chinese people know about the family values and love of life to the traditional Chinese culture such as calligraphy, paper-cut is understood as a representative of the Beijing non-material cultural heritage of the old Beijing connect rabbit ye, Peking Opera costumes skills such as silk, Beijing yanjing two umbrellas also collective appearance to show the Chinese excellent traditional culture as well as the thriving Chinese festival of the yearNew Year customs are integrated into the winter Olympic village, and various VR game equipment allows foreign athletes to come in and shout, “I will definitely ‘soak’ here later!”In the video, Christopher enters the games room in Beijing Winter Olympic Village. He greets the venue staff warmly. When he sees a series of games equipment, he constantly exclaiming, “My God, wow!”He then guided by a staff into the experience at the end of video Christopher also don’t forget to say hello partner to visit by VR glasses to see the bottom of the sea scenery and many bloggers in after multiple venues after exclamation “I don’t know how many times to say out the Beijing really doing great, I believe in the present moment no country will prepare more fully and more capable of holding the 2022 Beijing gamesWill “…One day countdown to the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games this is a grand event of athletes is also the stage of China let us look forward to the Olympic athletes to play the best level to present the best competition go to the ice and snow about let the world really see China!