Feel the power of traditional culture

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February 5, the fifth day of the first lunar month.These days, apart from Chinese New Year’s Day, the most attention is paid to the Winter Olympics.Yesterday, the 24th Winter Olympic Games officially opened.Who social media manager Aleksandra Kuzmanovic talked about her feelings after watching the opening ceremony.”The opening ceremony of Beijing 2022 contained a moving reminder that if we can envision this end point faster and more united, we can do it!” kuzmanovic said.Yeah, it’s a universal human emotion.In survival and pursuit, mankind has gone through the course of thousands of years.Create culture, inherit culture.However, it is also constantly facing challenges and difficulties.In this kind of challenge and predicament, the inheritance of traditional culture also faces many difficulties.The much-anticipated lighting ceremony at the Opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics has once again become a hot topic, and this time, not just because of the form of lighting, but because of another meaning.Beijing proposed using clean hydrogen as fuel, and the INTERNATIONAL Olympic Committee agreed.But when it comes to keeping the fire small, the IOC is hesitant.”The Fire of the Olympic Games is to burn brightly, we should not change the century-old tradition because of low-carbon.”That is the worried voice of the International Olympic Committee.”We should not change the century-old tradition because of low carbon”, this kind of cognition and worry is actually worth thinking deeply.”A hundred years of tradition”, compared with the hundred years the International Olympic Committee is worried about, China’s traditional culture is much older and deeper.However, with the development of The Times, many excellent traditional cultures disappear or exist in name only.Many teenagers are at a loss and muddle in front of traditional culture.Just like the Spring Festival today, “Spring Festival” is still “Spring Festival”, but the general feeling is that the Spring Festival now has no “nian flavor”.There are many reasons, especially the development of The Times has brought a new way of life, so that the “Spring Festival” during the dilution or disappearance of many traditional culture, naturally led to the “Spring Festival” traditional culture and flavor has also changed.The fifth day of the first lunar month is also called “Po Wu” in traditional customs.However, most of the sustenance is the people’s psychological desire for a better life.In fact, by the fifth day of the year, the most important day of the year will have passed.After this day, everything slowly returned to the state before Chinese New Year’s Eve.Especially in the past, there was a custom from the first day to the fourth day of the garbage, to the fifth day of the day to clean up, garbage, there is a “unlucky” meaning.To put it bluntly, the performance of the people or hope to exorcize evil, welcome auspicious nakfu good wishes.Therefore, on this day, there is also the saying of “chasing the five poor”.This “five poor” is even more interesting.The “five poor” is also called the “five ghosts”, referring to the “poor in intelligence, learning, literature, life and communication”.Han Yu, one of the eight masters of the Tang and Song dynasties, wrote The Poem.In the “five poor”, “wisdom”, “learning” and “literature” account for three, which shows that the people attach great importance to this.No matter how much visitors know about the exhibits displayed in the exhibition halls of The Academy, once they stop in front of the exhibits, their expressions will immediately change and they will concentrate on the exhibits.Including those children, who used to be noisy outside, but would be quiet when they looked at the exhibits, this can not be said to be the power of “traditional culture”.While they may not immediately understand the true meaning and value of these exhibits, they will at least know that this is something different.Leave history and pass on culture.Give people different feelings and cognition, from a deeper understanding of Xinzhou, xinzhou love;To understand and love traditional culture is the mission of xiu-Rong Academy Museum.(Liang Shengzhi)