LPL spring TES2 to 1 win JD, 369 three barrels of wine group live up to their advantages?

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LPL spring the tes team ushered in the years after their third opponent jd team, the game on the topic and focus is full, on the one hand, on the team lineup combination produced results after tes team need a win to improve himself into the playoffs, on the other hand jd team on a single 369 is also met his former club on the first match in the spring,Two teams from the performance of this season JD can even play better, so the outcome of the game is difficult to predict, no matter who wins who loses, will certainly set off a great discussion in the forum, called the spring game “LPL e-sports Xiao Chun late” is not too much, and finally TES team is also to 2 to 1 win the BO3.The first set on both sides can say water o DE levin cut from the start to the end, is enough to be called one-sided game, the first set jd team right from the start is tes on bp routines, deliberately released version ze li big heat, jd see you cut me a selected took it and the results across the tes a choose a first choose the casks, with 369 for ridicule,Let the barrage directly explode, the program effect pull full, finally take Delevin, in the words of the commentary is, you hit the weak catch you hit!The trend of the whole game with TES expected the same, a water not loss for De Levin unique brother, from beginning to end led tes team to take the first inning!Second inning game plot as reversed, again from the beginning JD dozen wild kana d from wild route as small day, stole the small first day F6 also left a little, then a little bit to expand their own advantages, in the middle of a little dragon melee wave off directly, without doubt the win finally, even the man’s head than achieve moreover, rolling the tes directly!Wild Canaway wins MVP of the game!Finally, in the third game, the two sides played extremely cautious, one blood is also played until the 15th minute of the game, only by gANK not back by the double team xiaotian sent out, and in the first 20 minutes of the game, JD team has also occupied the head advantage on the field at the same time even take three dragons!Results match the turning point occurs in the tes were forced to article 4 of the dragon pit melee, the regiment war again, directly with ten players finally only left a people live, and the credit in the melee in addition to the single small way on Gwen and the victor of the left hand, the weight is the dragon dragon pits, directly spray dead jd team three players!The dragon hole after the war, because there are only a residual blood left, so after the resurrection, then open the wave dragon pit melee, this time as a result of the 369 “oolong” big, blowing the female temple to jinx face directly led to the seconds, their AD melee rout directly, perfect win conveniently and scored dragon, dragon pit regiment tes directly put an end to the game!And the third bureau several times in the group battle hit tons of damage to the left hand, won the bureau MVP!Does 369 live up to your own advantages and as another big aspect of this game: how can 369 play against the old team?It was actually a bit to let a person it is a long story, three took three barrels, the game don’t know if it because at the beginning for the bible to want to prove himself in front of tes, 369 in the online can say three to online game on suppressing the small way of Gwen, and also can kill the JKL DE levin, but one to play group began painting style becomes very weird,The most outrageous is to send the female tankers to their home AD face in the picture above.In fact, 369 is better than Bin, Arlo also famous Chinese new generation of players, the line strength is indeed some, but in the team is not handled well, I do not know how much progress 369 can be in the hands of the red rice coach who is good at coaching the team, after all, as Casa said, 369 is still very young, he can play for a long time.Maybe next time in the face of his old club TES, 369 can give himself a satisfactory answer!Thank you for watching, I am observing bacteria, if you like, please click the following.