Successful finalists!

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Recently, the official account of Jiangsu Provincial Characteristic Towns released the list of finalists for the second Jiangsu Provincial characteristic Towns “Innovation and Entrepreneurship” competition, jiangbei Dachang Industrial Civilization Town successfully entered the innovation and entrepreneurship project category and reform and innovation achievements category.This competition, sponsored by jiangsu Provincial Characteristic Town Cultivation and Creation Conference Office, is an important platform to guide provincial characteristic town to accelerate the construction of innovation and entrepreneurship carrier, accelerate the aggregation of high-level innovation and entrepreneurship talents, accelerate the efficient agglomeration of industrial development factors, and summarize the reform and innovation achievements of characteristic town.The competition committee received a total of 102 projects, including 81 innovation and entrepreneurship projects and 21 innovation achievements of town reform, covering e-commerce, intelligent manufacturing, medical and health care, energy conservation and environmental protection, new energy, new materials, big data and other fields.The expert jury reviewed the projects from the perspectives of entrepreneurial team, industry and market, product and technology, business model and project planning, and finally 36 projects were shortlisted for the semi-finals.The innovation and entrepreneurship projects shortlisted in this industrial Civilization Town are flue gas CARBON dioxide capture solvent and process technology project and blockchain based full-cycle quality credible traceability and supply chain collaborative platform project.Solvent gas carbon dioxide capture and process technology is power carbon neutral “black” science and technology, the project is responsible for the team – sinopec nanjing chemical industry research institute co., LTD., engaged in research and development of carbon capture technology, since the 1980 s modified MEA method of CO2 capture technology development, after more than a decade of research and development,Aiming at the problems of high amine degradation loss and serious equipment corrosion in CO2 capture of natural gas boiler flue gas and coke oven flue gas, a CO2 capture technology with low partial pressure (flue gas, etc.) was successfully developed. Compared with the traditional MEA method, the absorption capacity was improved, the amine degradation loss was reduced, and the steam consumption was reduced, which solved the amine degradation and corrosion problems.The technology successfully passed the acceptance of the Ministry of Science and Technology in June 2016, and was then applied in the industrial application of Vinylon factory in Sichuan province. After appraisal, it reached the international advanced level.At present, the technology has been successfully applied in more than 50 enterprises in 16 provinces and cities, capturing more than 1 million tons of high-purity CO2 from flue gas and other gas sources every year.The whole cycle quality credible traceability and supply chain collaborative platform project based on block chain was created by Nanjing Xinzhichain Science and Technology Information Co., LTD., a subsidiary of Nanjing Iron and Steel Group. The platform includes a block chain comprehensive service platform, a full-process electronic intelligent bidding platform, an industrial Internet e-commerce platform and big data applications.Among them, the intelligent bidding application is based on blockchain technology, which is the first in China and highly recognized by China Tendering and Bidding Association.Xin wisdom chain block chain integrated services platform has officially launched in February 2020, a total of xin wisdom chain, cultivation group, the province by the move, Shanghai universal, a trust chain, the province’s hall 6 physical nodes, such as the current block height 90 w market access card 100 w + +, chain, has obtained “CA code encryption” invention patents and soft with 37 1,It is a national high-tech enterprise, a council member of China Blockchain Technology and Industry Development Forum, and a full member of Trusted Blockchain Promotion Plan of China Academy of Information and Communication Technology. It was selected into the fifth batch of domestic blockchain information service record list of Cyberspace Administration of China.Xinzhi Chain Technology Information Company has jointly established a number of blockchain laboratories, with experiments as the carrier, to promote the development of blockchain and industrial integration application ecosystem, continue to forge and improve xinzhi Chain blockchain service capabilities.In the future, Jiangbei Dachang Industrial Civilization Town will take the “entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurship” competition as an opportunity to build a platform for the innovation and entrepreneurship of enterprises in the town;We will support leading enterprises such as Nansteel And Nanhua in creating new forms of industrial spatial distribution for economic restructuring, speed up the building of innovative personnel, broaden the channels for training advanced, sophisticated and sophisticated personnel, and strengthen collaborative innovation between government, industry, universities, research institutes and users.Provide long-term mechanism for personnel training and personnel incentive and guarantee mechanism policies to promote the optimization of personnel structure.