The arrival of Vlahovic and the departure of Morata and coolou?Tottenham or their next stop

2022-06-12 0 By

The dust settled, serie A this winter window of the biggest deal, just ahead of the Serbian center vlahovic 22nd birthday announced the completion of the day.Juventus have flahovic, morata’s departure is only a matter of time, morata was once very close to Barcelona, according to the body of the survey, aubameyang or Morata, 60% of Barca fans chose The United Yang, 25% chose Morata, 15% of fans believe in the youth academy.The most important point is atletico’s reluctance to loan Morata to Barcelona.It is worth mentioning that, with the arrival of Daniel Alves, Ferran – torres and Traore, Barca winter window operation is coming to an end.If Dembele does not leave in the next 72 hours, there will be no more signings at Barca.That means dembele can do without barca’s front line and there is no need to add Morata, given barca’s limited financial resources.In the Premier League, Tottenham hotspur are also interested in Morata, and given atletico do not want to loan him to Barcelona, paratic will also investigate morata’s situation.Tottenham now have until Monday night to find a solution or sell another player for cash.The arrival of Miriam Vlahovic has changed juve’s attacking mix and could lead to the sale of Ivan Krusevski.Serie A side AC Milan also have an interest in Khurusevski, but the club are poorer than Barcelona and tottenham director mikael Paratic is keen to sign koulou, having personally signed the potential player for Juve two years ago in January.It seems that the arrival of vlahovic has greetings, morata and khurusevski are leaving, the transfer market will close in two days, where can they go?Let’s wait and see!