Undergraduates published 31 papers attracting attention!I and the university respond

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Recently, Lanzhou University published an article on its wechat public account. Lu Yubao, an undergraduate majoring in clinical medicine of lanzhou University, published 31 scientific research academic papers in her five years of undergraduate study, which attracted the attention of netizens.After the report came out, some people wondered why Lu was so excellent. Meanwhile, there were more and more questions on the Internet, such as whether Lu was a “second-generation student”.Where do you find the time for research?Lu’s thesis research fields are quite “jumping”, ranging from medicine (traditional Chinese medicine for COVID-19, venous thromboembolism after orthopedic surgery, lung cancer, spinal cord injury, children’s respiratory tract infection) to urban industrial development. How did he do it?On March 14, the school of Basic Medical Sciences of Lanzhou University, where Lu worked, responded to a reporter from Jimu News that the teacher responsible for the incident was not in his office and had no further information to comment.Lanzhou University office staff said, has not paid attention to the online public opinion, will ask relevant personnel to understand the matter.In the article, Lu said that he was a second generation farmer. “I have evidence to prove my innocence.” At present, lu is cooperating with the school to investigate, and said: “Is it wrong for me to try so hard?”Recently, a netizen posted on Zhihu, asking “How do you view the 31 papers published by lanzhou University undergraduates, and what level are these papers?”The screenshot in this article shows an article about Lu Yubao, an undergraduate majoring in clinical medicine from the Second Clinical Medical School of Lanzhou University, who has been recommended to study for a doctor of Medicine (orthopedic surgery) in Sun Yat-sen University.This student is keen on scientific research during his undergraduate years and has published 31 academic papers, among which 9 SCI papers and 3 Chinese core journal papers have been published as the first author.In addition, I also applied for 2 special projects as the first inventor and served as a reviewer for 5 SCI journals.At the same time, HE has presided over one national innovation key project, one university innovation project, one “Cuiying Students” scientific research project (all of which were awarded as excellent projects), and participated in one provincial research project, two national innovation projects and two university innovation projects.In addition, it has also won the bronze Prize of “GCL Cup” International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, the third national prize of “Innovation Youth” and the special prize of Gansu Division, the third national prize of “Challenge Cup” and the special prize of Gansu Division, and the silver Prize of “Internet +” College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition and other innovation and entrepreneurship awards.In terms of study, I have won the Excellent Student Scholarship for 3 times and the National Encouragement Scholarship for 1 time, and won the titles of “Outstanding Youth Model” and “Outstanding Graduate” of Lanzhou University.Someone posted a question on Zhihu asking undergraduates to publish 31 papers. What is the level of these papers?According to Jimu news on March 14, the above screenshots were taken from an article about Lu Yubao, an outstanding graduate of Lanzhou University, which was published on lanzhou University’s official account “LANTA Employment” on March 7.A follow-up search of “Lu Yubao + Lanzhou University” on CNKI showed a total of 10 Chinese papers.The articles were published between 2018 and 2020, covering the treatment of COVID-19 with Traditional Chinese medicine, venous thromboembolism after orthopedic surgery, lung cancer, spinal cord injury, and pediatric respiratory infection, among which lu Yubao was the first author of 4 articles.Among his four papers signed as the first author, another one is titled “Magnificent Transformation from” The Gold doll of the Country “to” Oriental Provence “– Investigation on the Brilliant Achievements of Jinchang Since the Reform and opening up forty years”. The main content is to investigate the experience of the transformation of jinchang’s urban industrial structure.In lu yubao’s published papers, the author’s biography shows that Lu yubao was born in 1998 in Jinchang, Gansu Province.A Chinese paper published by Lu Yubao as one of the authors was searched by CnKI under the English name Yubao Lu, and a total of 4 papers were found, all of which were related to medicine.Lu yubao himself registered 17 English papers on an academic achievement sharing website (ORCID), and the last revision date was March 10, 2022.Lu yubao herself registered 17 English papers on an academic sharing website. Some netizens searched English papers published by Lu yubao from different channels and attached screenshots.A screenshot from a netizen shows that a search for Lu and Yubao on Web of Science yielded 23 results, one of which was withdrawn.Some media found that lu yubao cooperated most with ma Zhanjun, the first author of the English papers she published. Both of them studied under Professor Wang Xuexue of the Second Clinical Medical College of Lanzhou University.I and the university responded that according to the inquiry of the reporter of “Chinese Journal of Science”, among lu Yubao’s 6 SCI papers signed as the first author, there are 5 co-authors (including 1 paper in “total 1 row” and 4 papers in “Total 1 row 2 row”) and 1 independent first author.These 6 papers include 4 papers in section 4 and 1 paper in section 2 and 3 respectively.In this regard, some netizens commented that Lu yubao published most of the papers are outlook, review type articles, and most of the papers are not the first author.Ordinary undergraduates can do it with a little time.However, some people doubt that an independent researcher should dig deep in a research area, but Lu yubao, as an undergraduate, has written papers on COVID-19, venous thromboembolism, pediatric respiratory infections, TCM repair of spinal cord injury and research on reform and opening up.”I have evidence to prove my innocence.”Lu told The China Science Journal that the incident has had some impact on Lanzhou University due to its spread on the Internet, and he is cooperating with the university’s investigation.He revealed that the school’s investigation mainly focused on the original data and literature related to his experiments and research, as well as his family background.’Now I get calls from strangers,’ Lu told The Chinese Science Journal.Some netizens find his parents, “they are just ordinary farmers.””I can only say that I am not as good as netizens believe. I am just an ordinary medical student,” Lu said in response to the online praise and skepticism.I hope you will focus on your job.”On March 14, a jimu news reporter called the office of lanzhou University’s School of Basic Medical Sciences. The staff at first said they were not aware of the situation and asked the reporter to wait for a moment.A few minutes later, the staff member said the teacher responsible was out of the office and had no further comment.Reporters later called lanzhou University office, staff said they had not paid attention to the matter, will go to the relevant personnel to learn about the situation.The Journal expects the lanzhou university investigation to be completed in one or two working days.We’ll be watching.Reference sources: 1, https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/90x7hty6cLF2WumGV2SWJg2, https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/QBC9nnw5y747zB_DaoOl_w