Where is the future of community group buying, how to break through the offline entity

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Meituan posted revenue of 179.1 billion yuan for the fourth quarter and full year of 2021, up 56% year on year, with meituan Takeout Posting revenue of 96.3 billion yuan.During the same period, rider costs were 68.2 billion yuan, accounting for 71% of the food delivery revenue.The adjusted net loss widened to 3.9 billion yuan in the fourth quarter from a year earlier, and the annual adjusted net loss was 15.6 billion yuan, compared with 3.12 billion yuan in the same period last year.Financial results show that the new business, which focuses on community group buying, lost 38.4 billion yuan last year, up 252 percent year on year.Community group marketing strategy ‌ 1. From the point of so-and-so optimizing marketing strategy, based on ultra-low prices to attract customers, this way of marketing is commonly used offline entities, slowly the ways to achieve this effect is worse and worse, the main reason is that the price dynamics is not big, transparency of the profits, the complaint is out of step output, online to go this way, the future will be able to break the ice  2.Old users invite new users to the new users every invited a new commission of up to 20 yuan, this depends on whether lower prices plus incentive to build a relationship for a long time, after buying rate how many  personal shopping experience several times shopping in so-and-so optimization, fresh price cheap, quality is not stable, downs, no matter how cheap you are, as a consumer, if quality is not good,The only thing I worry about when I place an order is the quality, which may be a common shortcoming of online products. Customers cannot feel the quality of products when they buy.Let me really to believe that you also need to go a long way to buy now channel diversification, the price is different, there is always an eternal truth, commodity prices depends on product quality, reasonable price beauty is only the relative compression profits, business should not for a long time not to earn money, the second is combined with beyond expectations experience, such as fat east, ➕ acme service quality, the author thinks that the entity,Online is good, as long as the quality and service around the ordinary consumers to consider, think of them did not expect, do better than their expectations, will not be bad to that inside