Zhuzhou Kaide Hospital urology department was rated as provincial clinical key specialty

2022-06-12 0 By

Rednet moment April 2 news (correspondent Li Jieyu) recently, Zhuzhou Kaide Hospital urology department through the hunan Provincial Health Commission clinical key construction specialty review, was rated as hunan provincial key clinical specialty.We have learned, in hunan province key specialty project review of clinical expert group through a variety of forms such as access to information, field defense, the quality of the hospital uropoiesis surgical department medical, technical, personnel, medical equipment, scientific research and so on has carried on the careful inspection and audit, for key specialty construction of hospital clinical work gave high evaluation and fully affirmed.Zhuzhou Kaide Hospital urology department in the field of secreting minimally invasive research for more than 20 years, many times won zhuzhou city science and technology progress second, third prize.At present, the department has more than 3,500 operations per year, benefiting people as far as Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan and Jiangxi provinces.In recent years, the department not only deeply cultivate the field of minimally invasive treatment of urinary calculi, but also vigorously study prostate diseases, urinary tumors, male diseases, urinary malformations and other diseases of the urinary system, in Zhuzhou city and even Hunan province to create a well-known urological minimally invasive golden sign.