From STATION B to CCTV Spring Festival Gala, why “only one volume”?

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“I knew it was there!As soon as the program list for the 2022 CCTV Spring Festival Gala was released on Jan 30, many netizens posted their own “preconceptions” online.It’s not “I miss you so much” or “I can’t forget tonight.” It’s a dance poem called “Only This Green.””How beautiful!The MVP of this year’s gala…Not long ago, the only Green appeared in bilibili’s “The Most Beautiful Night of 2021” New Year’s Eve party, and netizens of B station, who have always been “picky”, put “Conquered by you like this” euphemistically on the public bullet screen.From B station New Year’s Eve party to CCTV Spring Festival Gala stage, so “broken circle”, why “only this volume”?Still from The Only One Green.China Eastern performing art group for the photo details qc: “formation accurately to eyes” “only the green” through “ZhanJuan, ask of, silk, stone, xi pen, quenching ink, show” seven chapters, tells the story of a young researcher of the imperial palace “through” back to the northern song dynasty, to “ZhanJuan people” view “into” see painters “Trinidad Jiang Shantu Wang Ximeng creation story.The story is not complex, but the silent interpretation of the dancers and the abstract expression of some plots and scenes have raised the threshold for the audience to “enter the painting” to a certain extent, but this does not prevent the Only Green from relying on the beauty of the “circle”.Peak green landscape “Trinidad Jiang Shantu” own aura, ballet “the waves never die” total director, TV “reed {langya} list” of “the pretender” composer, opera turandot stage designer “dream” team sometimes render, such as “only the green” for the audience the “every frame is painting” audio-visual feast.And that’s just noodles.”Li er” is the team’s awe of beauty and strict pursuit of details.According to zhou Liya and Han Zhen, the chief producers and directors of the show, it took more than a year to create and five months to produce, and the team had discussions with experts from the Palace Museum many times.”Everyone in the team created this dance drama with the utmost devotion.”It said.This devotion also left a deep impression on Wang Zhongxu, a research librarian at the Palace Museum’s painting and Calligraphy department who is a cultural consultant for the play: “They only ask questions you can’t think of, and there are no questions they can’t ask.”Still from The Only One Green.China Oriental performing arts Group for the picture team to take the details to what extent?The answer: “Breath is continuous,” “formation is accurate to the eye.”From B station “only this green VLOG | we in B station New Year’s Eve party’s wonderful journey ~” this rehearsal tidbits can be seen: “Side waist up, both that kind of lazy temperament, at the same time the breath is continuous.Continuity is important. These are the details.And there was a paragraph that we had to decide.Some people look right here, and some people look right here. It’s very different. We’re all in a dream-dream perspective.More serious so far, just had “only this green” see namely beautiful jing, just inspire a net friend “watch process can breathe normally” nifty.What is more valuable is that from the first performance to the tour, the creative team has been collecting audience feedback, making modifications and adjustments.”There is no final version of ‘Only This One Is Green,’ only the best version,” Zhou said.Deep empathy: You and I are both human beings.Every performance “high Energy”, applause in the theater prolonged, bullets continue to brush the screen.What we see is touching, but touching is more than what we see.”Is there some kind of switch in our genes that makes us want to cry?”The eyes of the audience and netizens are bright, and the wisdom is online: it seems that I do not know the situation, but the decoding key points to the inner, to the deep.Chinese people are introverted, especially in expressing their emotions.”The Only Green” to the beauty of the presentation touched the audience’s heartstrings, so that no matter how introverted the audience is also difficult to restrain the DNA inside the bouncing DNA, and stirring DNA, is our traditional Chinese culture.You think it’s not going to make a difference, but it’s already embedded in the DNA of every audience who comes to see it.In other words, before watching the performance, beauty and touching have already existed in the audience’s mind and heart, what “Only This Green” does is to draw out their feedback on beauty.Just as Jin Ruiguo, deputy director of the Department of Museums and Social Cultural Relics of the State Administration of Cultural Heritage, said, “The cultural spirit represented by A Panorama of Rivers and Mountains, thousands of miles away but close at hand, has always been in the hearts of millions of viewers and never disappeared.”Still from The Only One Green.This deep resonance is illustrated by China Oriental Performing Arts Group, which culminates in the epilogue of the dance drama.In the exhibition hall, men and women, old and young.At both ends of the long display case, the rollers and Wang Ximeng looked at each other in silence: one bowed deeply, the other bowed.This is the “rush to present” of researchers and research objects of cultural relics, and also the encounter of ancient and modern in parallel time and space!”The moment when Wang Ximeng and the scrolls looked at each other through the air, I suddenly ‘penetrated’, touching the softest place in my heart.”Feng Shuangbai, art consultant of “Only This Green”, president of The Chinese Dancers Association and doctoral supervisor, praised this scene. “The Tradition of the Chinese nation is not only the exhibits in the exhibition case, but it lives in the present and in our hearts.”The exhibitor on the stage is Wang Ximeng’s “audience”.The audience, and is not this boundless mountains and rivers “scroll”?High mountains and flowing water seek friends.”If audiences can feel the breadth and depth of Chinese culture and ignite their love for traditional culture from this Only Is Green, our hard work will be worth it.”Screenwriter Xu Junrui said.The Only Green is produced by the Palace Museum, China Oriental Performing Arts Group Co., LTD and People’s Daily Online Co., LTD.Such “joint contributions” are rare.Ye Zhenshu, the party secretary, chairman and president of, regards it as “a connection between culture and art, a mutual learning between art and media”.Since the birth of creativity, “Only This Green” is not only a beneficial attempt to promote the creative transformation and innovative development of excellent traditional Chinese culture, but also a vivid practice of China Oriental Performing Arts Group striving to be the “national team of art production and the leader of system innovation”.JingXiaoYong party secretary of China Eastern performing art group, chairman, said “the only green” firmly grasp the precious value of Chinese excellent traditional culture, in wenbo, dance, music, literature, and the genetic carrier in exploring and refining in accordance with the aesthetic essence of contemporary perspective, created in literary work “national team” lead, the exemplary role of the work.The most professional cultural and exhibition units, art troups and authoritative party media work together to integrate art production, transformation, operation and communication, so that everyone involved has become an “exhibition person” and “collector” of excellent Traditional Chinese culture.Still from The Only One Green.During the performance by China Oriental Performing Arts Group, People’s Daily Online made all-round reports in various forms, such as texts and texts, short videos and so on, and kept narrowing the distance between the play and the public.After the premiere, the cumulative exposure of relevant reports has reached 247 million.People’s Daily overseas media platform, People’s Daily online 9 foreign languages published at the same time, effectively amplifying the volume of overseas dissemination of works.On January 20, “Only This Green” held a press conference for its 100th tour in 2022.At the meeting, Tang Weihong, member of the Party Committee and chairman of the supervisory Board of, summed up the “breaking circle” password of “Only This Green” as “three forces” : the charm of Chinese traditional culture, the wisdom and strength of artists of China Oriental Performing Arts Group, and the joint efforts of producers and partners.In recent years, from books such as This Is China to films Such as My Country and Me and Kumgang Chuan, People’s Daily Online’s “co-productions” have developed in both quantity and quality. The “breaking circle” code of mutual learning between arts and media has become more and more clear, and the dividend of in-depth media integration has been continuously released.In August 2021, “Only This Green” was exhibited for the first time at the National Center for the Performing Arts. After that, it was performed for more than 50 times in 16 cities including Shanghai, Suzhou, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, and it was hard to get a ticket everywhere.People’s Daily online’s weibo topic # Thousands of Rivers and Mountains live # and # Dance poetry drama only Green # has been read more than 61 million times. The creative short video “Challenge green Waist” has been read 58.4 million times and received 2.18 million likes.Netizens on the Overseas social media accounts of People’s Daily and People’s Daily Online called the Only Green a “top performance” and thanked the cast: “Thank you for presenting great history.”From the line to the line, “only this green” popularity and public praise “win hemp”!The show has been confirmed to launch its second tour in March, covering nearly 40 cities including Haikou, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Guangzhou and Hefei, and is expected to perform more than 120 times.Can’t wait for tickets to open in March, so let’s first see the only Green on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala. I believe that the new live broadcast technology will bring a new feast for the senses.”Nameless, no money, only this roll.”