Hongjiang ancient mall legend, Gefei Hotel and so on you to explore

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Hongjiang city, located in the southwest of Huaihua city in Hunan Province, is the birthplace of hybrid rice.Hongjiang ancient city has a long history, since ancient times is a Courier station, is a commercial port, is a huge town of thousands of fireworks, dating back to 3000 years of civilization history.Beautiful scenery, beautiful environment, Hongjiang mountain full of trees, xiongxi Park pavilions dotted during the spectacular momentum.Explore the legend of Hongjiang Ancient Mall, the VX Hotel in Huaihua, Hunan invites you to experience it yourself.VX Hotel is a middle and high-end leisure Hotel owned by GreenTree Hospitality Group. It integrates youth, fashion and artistic space elements into the Hotel design, and creates a new landmark of urban literary space by integrating diversity and uniqueness.The lobby is a free space where you can check in at your own pace, linger in the space, savor the peace of mind, or wait for a friend or relative you haven’t seen for a long time.The guest rooms of VX Hotel are both comfortable and private. The wooden furniture, combined curtains and other elements make people relaxed. The lazy and relaxed tone allows people to instantly put down all the troubles and enjoy the happiness and satisfaction brought by travel life.The intimate Service hotel has 108 rooms, all kinds of rooms are complete, whether you are a single person for business or family travel, here can meet your needs.The breakfast restaurant offers a wide variety of food and drinks, as well as local snacks, to replenish your basic energy while satisfying your taste buds.Laundry room and gym will let you forget your troubles and fatigue during the trip.The VX Hotel is also equipped with a parking lot, both above ground and underground, to meet the needs of passengers parking their cars in various directions, so that you can experience the fun of walking.The large conference hall of this hotel is even more dazzling, so it is the most suitable place for weddings and annual meetings.The hotel is located at No.128 furong Middle Road, Qiancheng Town, Hongjiang City, Huaihua City, Hunan Province. It is part of the local Shenshi leisure and commercial complex, surrounded by shopping centers, supermarkets, pedestrian streets and so on, and is located in the core of Hongjiang City.Hotel specific Qiancheng station only 1 km, from qiancheng bus station 1.6 km, by car within 10 minutes to arrive.VX Hotel in Huaihua, Hunan province is about to open. We look forward to welcoming you.