Huoji | Wujiang Baili Gallery, the three Gorges of strong gas, Guilin beauty

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Literature appreciation | the foundation annual record/Ding Xian make huge wujiang river, began in wumen.Thousands of miles journey, brilliant magnificent.Spectacular scenery, a view of the finest, first wujiangyuan Baili Gallery.Six chong three bifurcation, duck water east running, na Wumeng hundred rivers, gather water west of the stream.Here far peak mysterious, near the mountain xiongqi;Deep gully quiet, mirror shadow shen bi;Simple folk customs, amorous feelings.Baili Gallery, the three Gorges of strong gas, Guilin beauty also.Song and go, boat, carefree unlimited leisure;If the scenery map, cloud light day high, ripples million of blue water.The gorge is mighty, splitting mountains and mountains;A precipice is precipitated by a precipice.Or spring into a waterfall, brake is falling from the sky;Or craggy rocks, like stars in hades.Into the “eight immortals hole” house, hanging stone can cover xi moon;”Fan rock” edge, valley wind can spread cold.Water west sitting Buddha, as steady as Mount Tai;Dapeng spread its wings to fly into the abyss;Shui Xi girl, civet cat playing mice…Beautiful things in the mirror, lifelike.Hang cuiping Danya such as yee;Reflecting green gorge Qiu Zhi if magic.Happy god of the extreme, the temple of high, far touched rivers and lakes.Xi Yu Jushi at present, build a dam to cut off the stream and lock the river, build a power station to enrich the people and guizhou, jinxiu rivers and mountains, add beauty.Can not help but recite the great man macro: “High gorge out of the lake, the goddess should be safe, when the world.”East wind north shore, go straight house.Rooster three counties, miao song and dance township.Chu Day bamboo Qifeng, li Qingtian stone pillars.Gufeng Cui Wei, rising from the ground, kiss qingyun.It is the axe that cleaves the earth, it is the work of god that cleaves the sky.On top of the peak, the absolute path can map, extraordinary people can.As far as the eye can see, book luxuriant grass, shady pine.Hidden celestial wings of wong and tragic, hidden dragon body.Under the days of bamboo, spread miao people’s home, after wind and rain, feel vicissitudes of life.The garden of ethnic customs depicts the migration of crooked combs.Batik weaving, embroidery, traditional martial arts, lusheng song and dance, covering the mountains and wild art garden, showing the unique charm of nature.Alas, si Canyon Gallery, amazing cliffs and skyscrapers, sigh strange peaks such as clusters;Test the legend of strange xi, thinking of the work of nature;Bath goddess tenderness xi, mu Miao xiang ancient rhyme;After 28 turn xi, feeling now and then great changes.Alas! ThereThe land is rich and beautiful.Such as poetry, bold and graceful;Picturesque also, swing and elegant.Looking back at the past, fortunately!(This article is authorized by the author.Shall not be reproduced without permission.