Internet Chinese Festival Spring Festival in Yumen: The flower market is popular

2022-06-13 0 By

Spring Festival flowers, gradually become a driving Spring Festival consumption “a carriage”.Spring Festival is the golden period of flower shipment, many people buy flowers and green plants as a new fashion for the Spring Festival.Walk into the gate of the north of the town of Jade gate 100 grass garden flowers planting base, take a broad view, all kinds of flowers such as big flower hui LAN, poinsettia, lucky, rich child compete for glory, base operator Chang Hongli puts the New Year’s eve flower that symbolizes “good color head” to conspicuous place.Yumen city hundred grass garden flower planting base operator Chang Hongli: “now people better conditions, but also more pay attention to, are thinking about the New Year, thriving, home put a few POTS of more bright flowers, looks full of vitality, the next year more prosperous.”Ms. Jia of citizen and friend make an appointment to come to flower planting base together, choosing New Year gift carefully for friend, a basin “meat dudu” multinomous flesh lets her fondle admiringly.Citizen Jia Jia: “I came to the greenhouse this afternoon and chose two POTS of ‘meaty’ for my colleagues. She is romantic and wants to add some green in her home.”New Year’s Eve flowers not only auspicious meaning, can also add festive atmosphere, in order to attract customers, flower owners will be in the shape of the flower and flower POTS on the packaging of a careful design, beautiful flower POTS with different varieties of flowers, showing a good meaning of good luck, loved by consumers.Citizen Ren Xiaoyan: “I want to add a little flavor to the home, to the New Year a sense of ceremony and blessing, let the New Year prosperous farewell to the old and usher in the new.”As people living standard enhancement and the change of consumption idea, the spring is no longer just food and drink items such as dressing, the Spring Festival shopping flower market, enjoy the flowers, buy flowers has become a kind of fashion, people use flowers to decorate a bedroom, not only added a festive atmosphere for the Spring Festival, also expressed the people to the expectations and happiness in the New Year blessing.